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Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale win the election but not the popular vote

by Jon Lansman.

The media and the bookies predicted a Murphy and Dugdale victory and that is what they eventually got, by a margin that, on the surface at least, looked comfortable. What they appear not to have won is the popular vote – I say appear because no figures have been released on actual numbers voting nor even […]

Neil Findlay launches new charter of workers rights

by Jon Lansman.

Neil Findlay has today launched a new charter for workers rights in Scotland “to make work fit for the 21st century”. If he wins the leadership, he promises Scottish Labour will reconnect with working Scotland and put practical policies in place to make a difference to people’s lives from day one. The charter includes calls for greater […]

The polls provide clear evidence that Findlay can reach the parts Murphy can’t

by Jon Lansman.

It is true that Jim Murphy has a higher media profile than Neil Findlay, but rarely in a leadership election do we have such good evidence that one candidate in the running cannot win over the voters Labour needs whilst the other has the policies they support. This matters if Ed Miliband is to have […]

New Labour got Scottish Labour into the hole it’s in. Only Neil Findlay can dig it out

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Recall the Scottish independence referendum? Can you remember the panic when a few polls put the Yes camp in the lead? Politics is a fickle business but surely that was burned on every Westminster psyche. Dozens of Labour MPs should remember it. They tramped north of Hadrian’s Wall to tell the fine people of Scotland […]

Katy Clark talks about the need for change in Scotland (and Scottish Labour)

by Newsdesk.

If you support what Katy stands for, please do visit and volunteer to help the campaign. And please also make a donation to help finance the campaign. It receives no assistance from any major retailer! Please also share this video on Twitter and Facebook.

This could be the last ditch for Labour in Scotland, and the answer isn’t Murphy

by Jon Lansman.

This morning’s poll in the  the Daily Record sums up the problem Scottish Labour  faces whoever wins the leadership positions: SNP 46%, Labour 24%, Tories 17%, Lib Dem 6%, Others 8%. So what’s the answer? Nicola Sturgeon in her first speech as SNP leader this weekend clearly sought to position the SNP to the left of Labour. Whilst […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s November executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 4 November 2014 As usual the first meeting after conference was an extended session, setting strategy for the year ahead, with general election victory the over-riding objective.  Presentations showed an impressive level of organisation on the ground and increasingly sophisticated online operations.  The Tories will massively outspend us and regular donations from thousands of […]

With your support, Neil Findlay and Katy Clark can win in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

As the nominations stage of Scotland’s leadership election ends today, hustings start tomorrow and ballot papers start arriving on people’s doormats from Monday. Although  the odds at William Hill put Jim Murphy (at 2/9) well ahead of Findlay (at 10/3) with Boyack trailing at 12/1, it is clear that Neil Findlay and Katy Clark could win this election […]

Neil Findlay: the reluctant politician determined to change Scottish politics

by Jon Lansman.

This is the text of the speech Neil Findlay made launching his campaign today, at the Fauldhouse Miners Welfare Club in the village in which he lives. Good morning ladies and gentlemen and thank for you for coming along in such big numbers this morning to the launch of my campaign to become the leader […]

What radical exception can break Jim Murphy’s rule?

by Cailean Gallagher.

What should we expect from the civil war in Scottish Labour? Some veterans of Labour’s last civil war, still haunted by the machiavellian menace of Blairism, see Jim Murphy’s leadership bid as part of a long-term plan to revive the right-wing of the Labour party. If/when Labour lose in 2015, brother Ed will resign and brother David (whose […]

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