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Neil Findlay launches new charter of workers rights

Neil Findlay with supporters in Fauldhouse Miners WelfareNeil Findlay has today launched a new charter for workers rights in Scotland “to make work fit for the 21st century”. If he wins the leadership, he promises Scottish Labour will reconnect with working Scotland and put practical policies in place to make a difference to people’s lives from day one. The charter includes calls for greater devolution of employment law as well as greater use of public procurement to drive up standards in the workplace.

For too many people in modern Scotland, he says, the rights at work we’ve fought for over generations simply do not apply. The rise in zero hour contracts, the failure of previous Labour governments to tackle anti-trade union legislation and EU loopholes that allow unscrupulous employers to undercut pay, terms and conditions all make for insecurity in working Scotland.

Neil wants to see employment law for Scottish people made and enforced in the Scottish Parliament, but while we fight for those powers, Scottish Labour has an opportunity to show working people that we’ll change their lives for the better. Neil has pledged to start a national workplace tour as soon as he is elected, but he will also put the policies in place to make a difference from day one. The charter’s provisions include:

Zero hours contracts

Zero hours contracts make it virtually impossible to enforce rights in the workplace – if you try, you simply won’t be given any hours the following week. The use of zero hours contracts should be banned and measures put in place so that anyone trying to find loopholes would be required to offer a permanent contract of employment if a worker is on regular hours for 4 weeks.

Employment tribunals

Responsibility for the operation of employment tribunals should be devolved to Scotland and fees for accessing justice removed immediately.

Equal rights 

A commitment to equal rights at work, with action to ensure equal pay, enforcement of equality impact assessments, equal representation on public boards and appointments, targeted quotas to deliver equal access to apprenticeships and careers for all. The Scottish Parliament should have power over equalities legislation.

A healthy and safe working life

Workers are more likely to die at work in Scotland than anywhere else in Britain. Neil will launch a new Scottish Health and Safety Executive to make sure there is better enforcement of existing legislation and to show where we need more action from government.

No one should die at work, but unfortunately it happens. Neil will introduce a new Corporate Culpable Homicide Act to give families of victims a genuine possibility of justice through prosecutions of unscrupulous employers who put lives at risk, thus ensuring that the law serves as a deterrent to corner cutting and risky practices from employers.

From the Minimum Wage to the Living Wage

A Scottish Labour government led by Neil Findlay will use public procurement and bring in new legislation to ensure that everyone employed on behalf of the people of Scotland is paid at least a Living Wage. The Scottish Parliament should have power over the setting and enforcement of a National Minimum Wage which would make it possible to move to a position where no worker in Scotland would have to work to earn their poverty on less than a Living Wage.

Righting historical wrongs

Neil has a long track record of campaigning against the blacklisting of trade union members. He would institute a full public inquiry across Scotland as well as seeking justice for miner workers who were prosecuted in 1984/85.

Neil Findlay said;

The zero hours, low pay culture we see now is not just bad for people – it is bad for our economy. The most equal societies are the most successful societies,  so it will be my aim to end exploitation and insecurity in the workplace, and to replace the national minimum wage with a living wage.”

This Charter of Workers Rights is a package of practical measures that I believe the whole of Scotland will welcome. I look forward to working with my parliamentary colleagues, the trade union movement and Scotland’s public and private sector employers to deliver the real changes which working people across the country need and deserve.”



  1. Barry Ewart says:

    Labour in Scotland refreshingly getting back to its roots. If I were in Scotland, as a Labour member I would vote for Neil Findlay.

  2. David Ellis says:

    Nothing about full-employment. There can be no charter worthy of the name that does not include the demand for a regime of full-employment. As long as the capitalist is allowed to maintain a reserve army of unemployed all reforms and achievements by the labour movement are doomed to be reversed. Scotland needs full-employment with each school and college leaver and unemployed workier bought into the local workforce to share in the available productive work with each paid the minimum of a trades union living wage.

    Here is a revolutionary New Charter not a reformist wish list of empty promises:

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