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Behind the lure of Scottish independence lies the threat of “divide and rule”

by Richard Leonard.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress met this week in Dundee, where the Chartists took strike action in August 1842 and marched from Magdalen Green to Forfar for the right of working people to vote. Meeting at such a highly charged time, with the referendum on the creation of a separate Scottish state just weeks away, we should […]

A fresh vision for devolution in Scotland

by Dave Watson.

Scottish Labour’s Devolution Commission and the accompanying policy paper provides what has been long missing from the No campaign – a fresh vision for devolution. A vision that provides new powers, but just as important, a start towards setting the agenda for what Scottish Labour would do with new powers – powers for a purpose. Two […]

Scottish Labour must be bold on extending devolution

by Dave Watson.

Scottish voters are entitled to know what type of devolution they will get if they tick the No box this September. While the pro-devolution parties are all working separately on their proposals, it is Scottish Labour that is expected to take the lead with the publication of the Devolution Commission report. There has been much […]

Time to look at the small print of Scottish ‘independence’

by Richard Leonard.

Down the years it has been my good fortune to address political rallies and educational schools staged by the industrial wing of the labour movement. Last week rail union Aslef’s Scottish political forum was convened at the Scottish Parliament and we discussed the Scottish National Party government’s white paper on independence. At the crux of the […]

There’s more to Scottish politics in 2014 than the referendum

by Dave Watson.

For Scotland in 2014 there will be no shortage of events. The Commonwealth Games, 700th anniversary of Bannockburn, the Ryder Cup and First World War centenary commemorations, all in the one year. Oh, and the small matter of a referendum on Independence. While Scottish politics will be dominated by the referendum, I would argue for […]

GMB Scotland to campaign for a “No” vote in independence referendum

by Richard Leonard.

This week the GMB has announced that we will be campaigning for a “No” vote in the referendum. Let there be no doubt that there is a real hunger for radical social and economic change among GMB members. Support for “No” should not be seen as support for the status quo, far from it. We […]

Ineos, the SNP and a fillip for Scotttish independence

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I write about the decadence of the British ruling class and then confirmation makes the headlines shortly thereafter. There is nothing I can add about the specifics, except to say this piece by Robin McAlpine is an excellent rundown of what’s been happening at Grangemouth, as well as a condemnation of Britain’s flexible labour markets – where flexibility is […]

A radical alternative for Scotland with lessons for the rest of Britain

by Jon Lansman.

Featuring prominent trade unionists, politicians, political activists, academics and researchers, a book was published this week by Scottish Labour’s Red Paper Collective, focused on the constitutional debate, but with a wider application in the battle of ideas for a fairer Scotland. Class, Nation and Socialism, available now  at £7.99, takes an unashamedly class-based perspective, but has […]

Boundary changes for devo max: the Tory-SNP deal that may reshape the UK

by Mark Seddon.

For all of the miscalculations and cock-ups of the past two-and-a-half years, the Tory party, and David Cameron in particular, are as strategically focused as ever on winning power and holding on to it. Few will be surprised to learn, then, that Cameron is still determined to force through parliamentary boundary changes next year that […]

SNP cuts and tax breaks for the rich – no thanks

by Newsdesk.

The Campaign for Socialism is an organisation committed to a non sectarian, pluralist agenda of socialist renewal within the Scottish Labour Party. It and the Citizen have given a platform to the Red Paper Collective in the publication of the pamphlet People Power. The Campaign for Socialism have welcomed the recent call from Johann Lamont for “a real […]

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