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In defence of Ed Balls

by Jon Lansman.

According to Dan Hodges blogging at the New Statesman, Ed Balls should be sacked as Shadow Chancellor in the coming reshuffle. And why? For having been the key architect behind Gordon Brown of New Labour’s neo-liberal economic strategy of deregulation and tax cuts? Certainly not. For “unlearning every rule he once imposed with iron, and […]

Ed Balls reminds Labour that Ramsay McDonald also said there is no alternative to cuts

by Jon Lansman.

In his address to conference, after  another hard-hitting attack on Michael Gove and Coalition education policy (it was, after all, the Education session), Ed Balls set out his economic alternative to their cuts agenda — “put growth and jobs first”. And in a coded warning to the cuts enthusiasts in the hall, he reminded conference that […]

Ed Balls uniquely qualified to be Shadow Chancellor

by Jon Lansman.

There have been two important outcomes from the debate over the last few months: Ed Miliband has come from behind to win support for change in the party. And Ed Balls has, in beginning to turn public opinion on the deficit back towards Labour, demonstrated his unique qualification to be Ed Miliband’s shadow chancellor. 

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