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A border poll – let the people decide

by Gerry Adams.

Who would have believed it? Sinn Féin holds a conference in Dublin on Saturday and calls for a border poll in the next term of the Assembly and Oireachtas, and by Tuesday the DUP are supporting it! Of course Arlene Foster backs the idea because she’s convinced that it will deliver the answer she wants. According […]

I’m up for a sensible debate on British and Irish identities

by Martin McGuinness.

The last few weeks have been bad weeks for the political process, bad weeks for the peace process and bad weeks for the vast majority of people who are absolutely wedded to building a new society on this island. I have listened very carefully to the various reasons being put forward by those involved in […]

No Going Back

by Gerry Adams.

Belfast 2013 is not the City I grew up in. In my youth and for much of my adult life Belfast was a place in which nationalists had no rights; a place where sectarianism and discrimination, injustice and inequality were commonplace and exercised as a matter of institutional and political practice.

Full public inquiry needed into Finucane murder and state collusion

by Andy Newman.

Sinn Féin West Belfast MP, Paul Maskey, after having sight of the de Silva Report into the murder of Belfast Solicitor Pat Finucane, said that its conclusions only serve to reinforce the need for a full Independent Public Inquiry. Paul Maskey said: We fully support the demand by Geraldine Finucane, Pat’s widow and her family for […]

Just how left wing is Sinn Féin?

by David Osler.

There is a political party in the United Kingdom – and I use the geographical expression advisedly – content to serve as junior partner in a rightwing-dominated coalition committed to austerity, reductions in public spending, privatisation, the PFI and tax cuts for business. And no, I am not talking about the Liberal Democrats. Unfortunately, such […]

Sinn Féin show a progressive, left way forward

by Jayne Fisher.

The recent article ANC and Sinn Féin: when radicals move to the right cannot go unanswered. I would not wish to comment on its assertions about the ANC, and indeed to conflate the two is both simplistic and wrong. But on the issue of Sinn Féin and the political struggle in Ireland, it is both factually […]

ANC, Sinn Fein: when radicals move right

by David Osler.

There was a time when the African National Congress and Sinn Féin were bruited as progressive or even revolutionary forces by the bulk of the left, and equally vehemently repudiated as repugnant men of violence by most of the right. Thirty years ago, our side used to stage sit-down protests outside South Africa House and […]

Some by-elections really do change politics

by David Osler.

It is not every day that Westminster witnesses a sensational by-election victory, driven by an unshakeably anti-imperialist appeal to a minority religious community, but combined with an unfashionably leftwing socialist subtext.  No wonder most of the pundits were nonplussed. But when Fermanagh and South Tyrone chose Irish Republican Army hunger striker Bobby Sands as its […]

Sinn Féin are leading Irish opposition party

by Jon Lansman.

An opinion poll for the Sunday Times Irish edition puts Sinn Féin in second place in Iirish politics, making it the leading opposition party. Fianna Fáil’s 70-year dominance of Irish politics came to an end at last year’s  February general election when both Fine Gael and Labour got their best ever results and formed the government. […]

There is an alternative (in Ireland too)

by Gerry Adams.

Since it came to power last February the Fine Gael/Labour government has blamed every bad decision, every u-turn in pre-election promises on the last government. Everything is Fianna Fáil’s fault.  It is a fact that the current economic mess in the south is primarily a result of the bad policies of the last coalition government, […]

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