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To tackle abuse, we first have to accept that the Left receives it too

by Robin Fith.

If you follow Labour politics, you’ll have read many appeals in recent months for a crackdown on abusive and bullying behaviour by Corbynite activists towards their moderate peers. Jeremy Corbyn stands accused of opening the doors of the Labour Party to teeming thousands of misogynistic “brocialists”, racist anti-Israel zealots and bullying “Trots”, who are terrorising […]

Corbynistas are not the new Nasty Party

by David Osland.

Where I work, telling a middle manager to ‘fuck off’ would result in a summons from human resources pretty sharpish, with the full expectation of a resultant first written warning. And if the target of the Anglo-Saxon expletive happened to be black, the question of whether the incident had been racially motivated would at least […]

#JezWeCan: The Jeremy Corbyn social media campaign

by Ben Sellers.

Socialists don’t normally go in for miracles. Yet the way some people have reacted to the incredible success of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign, you’d think we’d witnessed some sort of supernatural event. How on earth did Jeremy go from rank outsider in June to a landslide winner just three months later in September? Of course, […]

Of #Milifandom – Who’da thought it?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s my party and I’ll be late if I want to. News of the unexpected #Milifandom around comrade number one, Ed “Milibae” are chip wrappers humming in the nation’s bins alongside tea bags and gravy-speckled LibDem leaflets, but a conspiracy hatched by campaigning and a dud internet connection has blocked yours truly from commenting. Until […]

Learning from Stephen Sutton

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Practically everyone plugged in to some form of social media will have heard of Stephen Sutton, the 19 year old teenage cancer fundraiser who died earlier today. It’s very sad news for his family and friends, and for everyone who followed his story. His life was short, but he set an exemplary example of altruism. It […]

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