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  1. David Ellis says:

    `No amount of tweeting, YouTube thumbs down, or strongly-worded blogs would undermine the power Douglas would grant his oligarchy. But good old-fashioned movements of real people might.’

    And nothing can substitute for a revolutionary programme for the transition to socialism behind which a good old-fashioned movement of real people can unite. Otherwise all that social mediating is nothing but sectarian moralising and propaganda and hot air. UKIP’s message is simple which is why their on-line presence is effective: anti-EUism plus dog whistle racism. It’s more of a programme than the radical left are currently offering.

  2. PoundInYourPocket says:

    Where the “Internet Thingy” will change politics (eventually) is in the way it provides open access to information. Hansard, Blogs, Campaigning Groups, Independent souces of news, research papers, international organisations etc. It’s much harder to manage the message or hide malpractice now. I think people are becomming more aware now of the ills of society, they just haven’t quite decided what to do about it or found a representative political party yet. But it will happen and it probably won’t be Labour unless they engage more with the electorate.

  3. No mention of 38degrees or other related platforms? If I am at all representative I have been disengaged from party politics for quite some time. What brought me back into the labour party was orgs like Avaaz and 38degrees. In many ways I trust these organisations to speak for me and share my concerns far more than my MP. Their ability to raise key issues, spread news and shine a harsh spotlight on dodgy politicians and corporations on an almost gigantic scale makes them a new political force to be reckoned with. I think we are still in the early stages of how social media is shaping politics and democracy.

    1. PoundInYourPocket says:

      But only the government can change legislation. And to what extent are the Tories influenced by media campaigns ? For example , how do we overturn the bedroom tax ? No amount of lobbyig the Tories will have an impact , only electing a Labour government.
      I suppose there is a role for social media in setting the agenda and influencing Labour policy given that it’s internal methods are so clandestine.

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