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The richest 1,000 in UK double their wealth since crash while average incomes drop 6%

by Michael Meacher.

In the last year, according to the Sunday Times Rich List tracking of Britain’s ultra-rich, the richest 1,000 persons in Britain increased their personal wealth last year by no less than £70bn. That means each has gained on average £70 millions in this last year. Over the 5 years now since the crash, it is […]

Redistributing property empires of Britain’s ultra-rich families would be as popular as energy price freeze

by Michael Meacher.

Oxfam has just reported that Britain’s richest 5 families are wealthier than 12.6 Britons who make up a fifth of the entire UK population. The latest survey from Forbes magazine shows that these 5 fortunes are heavily based on property rather than entrepreneurial innovation. The families listed are those of the Duke of Westminster (who […]

Unequal wealth in the UK – the best illustration ever

by Jon Lansman.

A truly excellent video – which will take up less than 3 minutes of your life – about inequality as British people think it is and should be, and how much worse it really is. From the good people at Inequality Briefing. Very well done to them. Hat tip: Socialist Unity. This video is essentially […]

Labour politicians on the Rich List

by Jon Lansman.

Most of the rich politicians in Britain, says the Times, are Tories as you would expect. Lord Ashcroft (worth £1,200m) leads the field, pharmaceutical magnate Lord Balleymond next (worth £860m), followed by the Marquess of Salisbury (275m) at no 4, and Lord Heseltine (£264m) no 5. However, rather surprisingly (or perhaps not after 13 years […]

Unequal wealth – the best illustration ever

by Jon Lansman.

This film will take just six minutes of your life. It is a fantastic illustration of just how unfair is the distribution of wealth. Not only is there a massive gap between the way people think things are and the way they think they should be (left and right alike), but there is an even bigger gap […]

Top pay for those who decide the pay of the top paid

by Jon Lansman.

In Britain last year, pay rose on average by 1.9%, says Income Data Services. That is of course, in real terms, not a rise at all, but a pay cut of 0.7%. The pay of the bosses of Britain’s top companies which employ a very large number of us, the Chairmen of FTSE 100 companies, […]

75% tax on rich rejected – a censure for François Hollande’s policies of pretence

by Tom Gill.

(translated from the original by Jacques Sapir) The measure considered to be one of the most emblematic of the promises of François Hollande on tax, the famous 75% rate for people on incomes of over €1 million, was rejected Saturday, December 29 by France’s Constitutional Council. The “Wise Men”of the council, to be clear, were […]

Reduced spending power is what could finish this government

by Michael Meacher.

Real personal disposable income is arguably the most important index of economic welfare. When families’ disposable income is going up, even if by only a little, there is broad, even if only minimal, contentment. But when it starts to go down, especially if the trend continues to go down for any significant length of time, […]

To consolidate its lead Labour now needs to correct 3 major mistakes

by Michael Meacher.

With business leaders, even the director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, now slamming Osborne’s policy for indecision, equivocation, short-termism and political manipulation, Labour must now be poised to take a decisive lead in the crucial area of economic policy. But if it is going to consolidate a lead which at present is much […]

Why is there not a wealth tax in the UK?

by Michael Meacher.

So President Hollande is increasing taxes on the super-rich, banks and big businesses this year by €7.2bn, about £5.7bn, and also making those with more than €1.3m pay a one-off levy this year. It is wildly popular with the French electorate, with three-quarters approving the squeeze on the rich, including a majority of right-wingers. In […]

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