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Unequal wealth – the best illustration ever

This film will take just six minutes of your life. It is a fantastic illustration of just how unfair is the distribution of wealth. Not only is there a massive gap between the way people think things are and the way they think they should be (left and right alike), but there is an even bigger gap between the way they think things are and the way they really are. Watch the film. It is very clear. It is about the United States, but things are not so very different in the UK.

(hat-tip -Ann Pettifor)

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  1. Dave says:

    “things are not so very different in the UK.”

    All the more reason to wonder at the docility of Labour’s ‘opposition’ to the Tories. When Labour joins with the Tories in support for the renewal of Trident* and Cable calls for the scrapping of Trident**, can there be any surprise when voters of Eastleigh, perhaps struggling to identify policy differences between the mainstream parties, opt for the LibDems.



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