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Syria: three questions for Vince Cable

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

And so, a pointless war against Syria has been averted – for now. Not that you would think it as BBC News has been in overdrive since Thursday’s vote. Bulletins jammed with Syrian war porn – classy. But at least some of the media have been doing a proper job at holding the government to […]

Britain can increase investment by slashing military spending

by Michael Burke.

The momentous decision by parliament on 29 August not to participate in a military attack on Syria raises important points both for the trends in British politics and for economic policy. The Socialist Economic Bulletin has repeatedly argued that there is no prospect of a Tory election victory in 2015. After the failure of Cameron’s military agenda the […]

The special relationship and the difference a day makes

by Kate Hudson.

Suddenly, politics is before and after ‘last Thursday’. Before last Thursday, Britain was America’s poodle, prepared to pay the ‘blood price’ for our special relationship, riding pillion passenger to US foreign policy, whatever the blowback. Since last Thursday, Britain has determined its own destiny. It has rejected participation in another murderous and futile US war […]

A US attack on Syria won’t stop chemical weapons: there’s a better way

by Michael Meacher.

An American military strike against Syria in the next few days is a virtual certainty, despite the fact that US public opinion seems as tepid about this action as in the UK. What may be driving the US is not so much an abhorrence against a resort to chemical weapons – the US said nothing […]

Cameron gets it wrong on every count

by Michael Meacher.

The vote against the military strike by 285 votes to 272 is the most momentous Commons vote of at least the last 40 years. It upended a Prime Minister who only recalled Parliament 4 days before Parliament was due anyway to reconvene because he was sure the House could be persuaded to support a motion […]

Syria: rebels and absentees (full list)

by Jon Lansman.

For those who like to see not only those who voted against their party whip in the two crucial votes on possible military intervention in Syria yesterday, but also those who abstained or were absent, we have compiled a complete list.

Ed Miliband plays a blinder

by Andy Newman.

The last week has shown Ed Miliband prove himself to be a world class political leader, demonstrating toughness, skill, and sound judgement. A poll in the Daily Express today shows that only 8% of the British public support immediate miitary action. But public opinion is itself shaped by how the political debate is framed. Miliband judged the […]

The gamechanger and the fall out

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I really detest the phrase, but last night’s Commons vote that ensured the path to war with Syria is one that won’t be taken is definitely a “game-changer”. Here are my quick thoughts on the fall out – some domestic, some not. 1. It is regrettably true that Ed led his Parliamentary troops into voting […]

Ed Miliband shows leadership and statesmanship on Syria

by Michael Meacher.

The breaking news that Miliband has decided that Labour will tomorrow vote against the Government’s motion for an almost immediate attack on Syria will not only be greeted with heartfelt relief across most of the country, it will also be recognised as an act of courage and statesmanship that shows his mettle as a leader. […]

For a peaceful democratic resolution to Syria’s civil war

by Mike Phipps.

The Cameron government decision to pull back from an immediate vote on military action against Syria is entirely motivated by a fear of losing it. The Labour leadership’s refusal to give the Government carte blanche ahead of a full report by UN weapons inspectors is to be welcomed and Diane Abbott’s speaking out against intervention in […]

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