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East End Labour councillor arrested for alleged death threats

by Jon Lansman.

A Labour councillor in Tower Hamlets, Kosru Uddin, 45, has been arrested following allegations that he made a death threat to female fellow councillor, Rania Khan, who is a supporter of independent Mayor Lutfur Rahman. Cllr Uddin was held in custody overnight for questioning today and has now been released on bail. Sources report that abuse, […]

The flames of hatred are still alive in the East End

by Rainsborough.

Ken Livingstone, who has developed a healthy respect for Ed Miliband, told the BBC Today programme earlier this week that his only criticism of the Labour leader was that he paid too much credence to “discredited Blairites”. There are a number of reasons as to why Labour did well in London, yet Ken Livingstone lost, […]

Ed, it’s time to apply the lessons of Bradford to the East End

by Rainsborough.

Labour leader, Ed Miliband, recently took himself back to Bradford to ‘listen’, as he had promised to do, to local people. He said he wanted to learn the lessons for Labour’s monumental drubbing at the hands of George Galloway and his ‘Respect Party’.  The lessons have of course been writ large for years. Bradford was […]

The politics of hate in Tower Hamlets

by Jon Lansman.

Tower Hamlets Labour Party is like nowhere else. Throughout London, every constituency party campaign team is doing its best to get the vote out for Ken. They recognise that for the party nationally and in London, that is Labour’s political priority. But here the local vendetta takes priority. Against Lutfur Rahman, independent Mayor overwhelmingly selected […]

Londoners won’t be fooled by the anti-Ken Livingstone spin

by Rabina Khan.

The polls are showing the two leading contenders for London mayor – Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson – running neck and neck. Predictably, sections of the rightwing media have started reaching for the proverbial dog whistle; playing politics with race and religion and appealing to a diminishing band of bigoted voters who respond to the politics […]

Campaign for a ‘Living Rent’

by Lutfur Rahman.

With average rents in the private sector now over £1,000 a month, and all tenants except those on the highest wages feeling the pinch, this story about the plight of ordinary Londoner Sharada Osman shines a light on some harsh realities of our city’s housing market.

Gay-Muslim unity against hate in Tower Hamlets

by Lutfur Rahman.

I had the opportunity to speak at the East London Gay Pride event on Saturday. Taking to the stage, I made it clear that our LGBT residents are part and parcel of the Tower Hamlets Community. I talked of how important our togetherness, and our unity in diversity, is in our efforts to remain One Tower Hamlets – a […]

Labour Party must pay £123,000 compensation to sacked Asian councillor

by Jon Lansman.

The Labour party has been ordered by an employment tribunal to pay former Birmingham Labour councillor Raghib Ahsan £123,000 after a 13-year legal battle. Although Raghib’s legal costs were funded by the Commission for Racial Equality, Labour’s own legal costs will bring its total bill to well over £500,000. Raghib Ahsan, although now a solicitor, […]

Mayor Rahman urges Home Secretary to ban EDL march

by Lutfur Rahman.

I have just learned that the Acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner has made an application to the Home Secretary to ban all marches in certain areas of London (including Tower Hamlets) for 30 days starting September 2, 2011. I applaud the decision of the Acting Commissioner and I now call upon the Home Secretary to act swiftly […]

Ban the EDL march in Tower Hamlets

by Lutfur Rahman.

On Saturday I initiated an advert in the Guardian newspaper calling on the Home Secretary to ban the English Defence Leagues plan to march in Tower Hamlets on September 3. I did so, in conjunction with community, faith, trade union and business leaders in order to send a loud message; there is no place for hate […]

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