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Training and the ‘forgotten 50%’

by Grahame Morris.

For too long there has been an assumption that the best path to success for young people is via the conventional academic route. That kind of thinking is now out of date. For a 14 year old following the traditional academic route there is a clear route through GCSEs to A’ levels and on to […]

Punishing young people financially is the Tory way

by Michael Meacher.

The idea of giving young people aged 18-21 guaranteed access to education or training or help to find work is obviously a good one, but why spoil it by proposing that such persons should receive a means-tested ‘youth allowance’ at a rate perhaps even lower that the current job seeker’s allowance (JSA)? JSA is already paid […]

NEETs need jobs, not a “military ethos”

by David Pavett.

Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary has declared his support for a proposal for Academies sponsored by the armed forces. The original proposal came in a paper Military Academies: Tackling disadvantage, improving ethos and changing outcome by Phillip Blond and Patricia Kaszynska and published by ResPublica. The paper starts by declaring that the problem to be solved […]

Job snob? No, I’ve got the T-shirt

by David Osler.

One of the numerous job creation schemes of the Thatcher years was known officially as Employment Training, although the acronym was colloquially translated into ‘Extra Tenner’, because that was how much it paid on top of the dole. These days, it seems, even an additional ten quid a week is a bit much to ask. […]

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