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Ann Black’s report from Labour’s January executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 27 January 2015 Ed Miliband was in Manchester launching Labour’s health pledge, so European leader Glenis Willmott MEP gave the opening report.  Labour MEPs opposed an increase in the budget because of continuing waste on the common agricultural policy, and were campaigning on violence against women, assistance for disabled people, allegations of corruption […]

Nothing stands between Labour and election victory except its own timidity

by Michael Meacher.

A sad tale of ambivalence and timidity across a range of policies This coming Monday the remaining stages of the Infrastructure Bill will be taken in Parliament, including votes on the launch of fracking in this country. Cameron and Osborne have declared they are both ‘gung-ho’ to develop this technology to the fullest degree as […]

The special relationship – what’s a new missile system between friends

by Kate Hudson.

In a globalised, increasingly multi-polar world, the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK might be expected to diminish, as twenty-first century reality supersedes Cold War imperatives. Nothing of the sort, it seems, when it comes to nuclear weapons. In 1958 the US and UK signed the ‘Agreement between the UK and the USA for […]

Investment, not Trident

by Michael Burke.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has produced a new pamphlet, People Not Trident. It argues against the colossal waste of funding needed to a replace the Trident nuclear weapons system. It makes the case that the £100bn saved could be used to invest in a whole host of sectors, housing, education, international development, the switch to renewable […]

Trident: the establishment has a delusional approach to our role in the world

by Billy Hayes.

The CWU is proud to be affiliated to CND. We regard the struggle for a nuclear free world as essential for humanity’s survival. Your work gives us hope that we can secure our common future. Now, this year at the TUC, the CWU moved composite motion 2 on the economy. The general line of the […]

Britain can increase investment by slashing military spending

by Michael Burke.

The momentous decision by parliament on 29 August not to participate in a military attack on Syria raises important points both for the trends in British politics and for economic policy. The Socialist Economic Bulletin has repeatedly argued that there is no prospect of a Tory election victory in 2015. After the failure of Cameron’s military agenda the […]

Dear Ed…. Please let Labour vote on what to do about Trident

by Walter Wolfgang.

Dear Ed, Many thanks for your good wishes for my 90th birthday and all you are doing to convince the people of this country that Labour can provide a socially just alternative to coalition austerity. Many people realise that the coalition has failed but are not yet convinced that Labour has made up its own […]

Trident: government urged to consider the “real alternative”

by Newsdesk.

Today, the Cabinet Office office has launched a review document exploring alternatives to like-for-like replacement of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system. But anti-nuclear campaigner have been quick to point out that one viable option is not on the table: nuclear disarmament. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has launched an alternative document, entitled The Real Alternative: […]

Trident: Labour needs your views

by George McManus.

George McManus is a member of the National Policy Forum (NPF) from Yorkshire and the Humber region, and sits on it’s Global Role Commission. Here he explains why you need to tell your NPF reps your own views on Trident replacement which will discuss Trident before Annual Conference. In recent weeks, senior Labour figures have been […]

Cut Trident, not jobs, homes, and health

by Jeremy Corbyn.

This afternoon, the House of Commons debates Britain’s nuclear deterrent: Jeremy Corbyn puts the case against the replacement of Trident in the context of austerity. An incoming Labour government will be faced with massive expectations and demands of jobs for young people, increased health expenditure, huge demands on the benefits budget, student fees, and infrastructure […]

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