What are the Labour leadership candidates saying on Greece?

Labour Leadership Candidates and now they are 4_edited-1Yesterday’s vote in Greece was a momentous occasion. Almost two thirds of a people, many with politics far removed from that of its leadership, said no to demands for more austerity from the well-heeled bureaucrats of the IMF and European Central Bank, and the ministers of the European Commission. It won’t be until tomorrow that we’ll know what the troika are going to do in response. Reasoned heads would suggest a debt write down and allowing Greece space to grow its economy to meet its obligations. This, after all, is the oh-so radical demand Syriza are pushing – it’s hardly all power to the Soviets combined with the socialisation of private property. Yet as past behaviour indicates, the troika are anything but reasoned. Continue reading

Syriza: We’ll reverse the Government-Troika job cuts

Greek Crisis, based on photo by Dave HoggThe Greek government this week passed measures slashing thousands of public sector jobs. Argiris Panagopoulos, correspondent of Il Manifesto newspaper interviewed Panos Lamprou, a leading member of the opposition Syriza party, on this latest round of Troika-inspired austerity, dubbed a ‘mini-memorandum’. Lamprou, a member of the Secretariat to SYRIZA’s Central Committee, also talks about alternative policies days after the party transformed itself from a coalition into a united party. Translation by Revolting Europe

The so-called “Mini Memorandum” was passed in the Greek parliament with a narrow majority …

We have a government with a slim majority in parliament. They have at most 155 MPs out of 300. At the same time these New Democracy and Pasok MPs are united in their determination to pursue the destruction and annihilation of our society. One hundred and fifty three MPs voted in favour of the “Mini Memorandum” and they would be ready to vote anything else that the government and the troika demands. Continue reading