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Welcome to the NATO fest

by Jeremy Corbyn.

As Nato leaders gather this week in Wales, how does the military alliance find ever new ways to justify its seemingly endless expansion? Looking at government websites about the forthcoming Nato leaders’ conference at the Celtic Manor golf club, one could be forgiven for assuming it was some sort of gourmet festival. The leaders of 60 […]

Why Western Sahara matters

by Jeremy Corbyn.

Last week I was part of a delegation from the all-parliamentary Western Sahara group to visit the Moroccan-occupied territory, with John Hillary of War on Want and John Gurr of the Western Sahara resources group. We held over 20 meetings with a wide range of groups of former prisoners, human rights campaigners, women’s organisations, disability […]

A US attack on Syria won’t stop chemical weapons: there’s a better way

by Michael Meacher.

An American military strike against Syria in the next few days is a virtual certainty, despite the fact that US public opinion seems as tepid about this action as in the UK. What may be driving the US is not so much an abhorrence against a resort to chemical weapons – the US said nothing […]

Syria: Ignore the UN at your peril

by Mark Seddon.

Unless we are all prepared to do something about it, history may be set to repeat itself, but this time with far more devastating consequences. Foreign Secretary, William Hague and the Prime Minister, David Cameron are pushing for early missile and air strikes against the Assad regime in Syria. Well informed reports point to a […]

Will we adapt to a multipolar world, or face endless war?

by Jenny Clegg.

Ten years ago this week, 100,000 American troops were assembled in Kuwait as the US and UK were poised to strike, the neocons driving them on to “seize the unipolar moment”; the UN Security Council was split; and at London’s biggest demonstration ever, the crowds had heard Tony Benn’s call: “Another world is possible”. Ten […]

Israel/Palestine. Two states? Forget it, says Obama

by Mark Seddon.

Even President George Bush played lip service to the idea of a ‘two state’ solution for Israel/Palestine. That, after all, is the default position of the international community. It is also the position of the Obama administration, which has nonetheless allowed the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu to run rings around it. So if the […]

Libya: three reasons to curb the euphoria

by Michael Meacher.

Despite the initial euphoria about the downfall of a brutal and erratic autocracy in Libya, three uncomfortable matters emerge from the wreckage – and not just the obvious question of whether the National Transitional Council can bring about the reconciliation for a secure, viable and democratic future for the country. One issue, which should not […]

A message to war criminals: “we shall find you”

by Mark Seddon.

The arrest of former Serbian military chief, Ratko Mladic, finally begins to draw a line underneath the unspeakable savagery that characterised the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. Mladic was the remaining ‘big fish’ still unaccounted for, and his capture poses almost as many embarrassing questions for the Serb authorities as for the Pakistani authorities with […]

Libyan mission creep: Labour should back international law, not NATO

by Jon Lansman.

The three NATO leaders have now made clear their objective in Libya — and it is regime change and not the more limited objectives set by the UN. Regime change is not a legitimate objective for NATO’s leaders to determine. It is an entirely legitimate aspiration for the Libyan people. It could become a legitimate […]

Côte d’Ivoire: another UN success

by Mark Seddon.

If anyone imagined that the act of intervention by itself is always enough for the United Nations to emerge unscathed, one only need to look at the chequered history of the various UN attempts to hold the line in post colonial Congo-Kinshasa, better known today as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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