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Capital, wealth and cannibalism

by Ann Pettifor.

It’s really aggravating when someone can cogently express points that one has gnawed at inchoately for weeks. John Kay’s column in the Financial Times – The capitalists sold the mills and bought all our futures – is one such aggravation, and is superb. Kay deals elegantly with Thomas Piketty’s analysis and the definition and calculation of […]

Unequal wealth in the UK – the best illustration ever

by Jon Lansman.

A truly excellent video – which will take up less than 3 minutes of your life – about inequality as British people think it is and should be, and how much worse it really is. From the good people at Inequality Briefing. Very well done to them. Hat tip: Socialist Unity. This video is essentially […]

Unequal wealth – the best illustration ever

by Jon Lansman.

This film will take just six minutes of your life. It is a fantastic illustration of just how unfair is the distribution of wealth. Not only is there a massive gap between the way people think things are and the way they think they should be (left and right alike), but there is an even bigger gap […]

Another unmentionable word in the Queen’s Speech: wealth

by Michael Meacher.

Apart from assuring us that the government’s main objective was economic stability – the stability of the graveyard it seems in this government’s case – the only other significant things in the Queen’s Speech were what it didn’t contain, not anything it did contain. Nothing about housebuilding, an infrastructure bank, reviving manufacturing, boosting capital investment, […]

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