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The Labour right are risking ‘Pasokification’ on their own

by James Elliott.

Harriet Harman’s announcement on the Sunday politics yesterday, that Labour would not be voting against the welfare bill, nor would they oppose child tax credit cuts or the Tories new benefits cap, has rightly drawn condemnation from different sections of the Party, and now both Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham have joined Jeremy Corbyn (who […]

Would a Rachel Reeves budget yesterday have been much different?

by James Elliott.

Ahead of yesterday’s budget, in which George Osborne laid out £12bn of welfare cuts, a continued squeeze on public sector pay, the abolition of student maintenance grants and higher tuition fees, Labour’s ‘opposition’ front benchers went out of their way to agree with Osborne’s narrative of austerity. Still reeling from the General Election, or now […]

The Tories are all bluster. Labour must show it’s different

by Tom Watson.

The Conservative Party has spent the last week or so braying about the principle of ‘freedom’. But their noise is all bluster – designed to hide from the public a stark and disappointing fact: George Osborne’s budget was one of the most unprincipled pieces of politicking in recent history. Even his flagship policy, the scrapping of our near-compulsory […]

Welfare cap – full list of Labour rebels and abstainers

by Jon Lansman.

In the vote this afternoon, there were 13 Labour MPs who voted against the Welfare Cap, including the two tellers, as well as three Plaid Cymru, one Respect, three SDLP, and five SNP MPs. Thirty-eight Labour MPs abstained or were absent from the vote. The following people voted against the Welfare Cap:

Why I’m voting against the benefit cap

by Diane Abbott.

This is the text of Diane Abbott’s speech in the House of Commons this afternoon against a ‘welfare cap’. Details of voting will be published as soon as it is available. Any member of the public watching this debate this afternoon and listening to people jeer, laugh, smirk and joke might imagine that some Members […]

Five reasons why Labour MPs should oppose the welfare cap

by Andrew Fisher.

Despite Ed Balls saying Labour will back the welfare cap, because Ed Miliband has already expressed support for a welfare cap, here are five reasons why Labour MPs should vote against on Wednesday (26 March). If you have a Labour MP, email them (using this template letter). 1.    It means need is subject to an […]

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