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Shame on the Jews who demonize Jews

by Jon Lansman.

Pluralism has deep roots amongst Jews. The Talmud, the basis of rabbinic law and primary object of  Jewish study for 1500 years, is not dogma. It is sixty-three books of debate and disputation, commentaries upon commentaries upon commentaries, whose study consists of yet more debate and disputation. And yet, the evidence is that “dissenting” Jews […]

The rights and wrongs of Jewish ambassadors and Paul Flynn

by Jon Lansman.

John Mann, chair of the All-party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, has said that Paul Flynn MP should “start preparing for his retirement” for, allegedly, suggesting that Matthew Gould is an inappropriate British ambassador to Israel because he is Jewish. If Paul Flynn did say that, which we doubt, it would indeed be a serious matter. It […]

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