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Simon Danczuk vs Owen Jones on welfare – the video

The Labour party is a broad church – some would say too broad. Judge for yourself who better encompasses Labour values.


  1. Robert says:

    Miliband is a poor speaker he has a nasal drone which makes him sound like Cameron really a rich posh lad.

    He is unable to fight his corner so it easier to say we do not know what we will do because the mess the Tories may leave, well yes it would be like the mess you left the Tories.

    In the end what the Newer Labour party is actually offering us is look vote for this great chap Miliband, because you know how bad Cameron is.

    But the public will not fall for it, we know the Tories who are in power now, we do not know what Miliband is like and the risk will be to great, I think the public will go for Cameron, they have no choice really, either go for the real thing or the copy of Tory Lite which is Miliband.

    But the blame for this is on the back of the Unions for hating his brother so much they backed the younger brother. David Miliband I think may have been able to give the Tories a run for their money, because all this Ed Miliband is doing is agreeing with the Tories in the hope that Cameron will be so hated he will walk in, a dangerous game played before by Kinnock, and he lost

  2. Johnreid says:

    What Robert said

  3. Syzygy says:

    If Robert and John Reid think that David Miliband is less tory-lite than Ed Miliband … !! Talk about turning reality on its head.

    David Miliband would not have been under the constant media attacks by Blairites, Progress and Dan Hodges suffered by Ed Miliband, precisely because he was the heir to Blair and Mandelson’s boy.. Equally, the very small (far too small) steps that Ed M. has tried to take away from tory-lite have been met with an on-going campaign from the Labour right that plays straight into Lynton Crosby’s hands.

    It is clear that the uber-new-labourites would rather see the Tories re-elected than any move away from the neoliberalism of New Labour. They are ‘a party within a party’ and should be the ones who are put into ‘special measures’. Another Tory government would be disastrous for the UK’s people and economy… those on disability benefits, climate change, employment protection and so on… MPs like Simon Danczuk should be held responsible, along with Watts, Wintour, Mandelson, Diamond and the rest.

  4. Rod says:

    Syzygy: “MPs like Simon Danczuk should be held responsible”

    But if, by some miracle, Labour does win in 2015 MPs like Simon Danczuk will be ministers.

    Whichever result, it’s win-win for the 1% and lose-lose for the 99%.

  5. Johnreid says:

    If. Labour lose next time it’ll be a case , So a. Few back benchers criticised Ed its his fault, not Ed for criticising every cut ,then saying he’s not going to reverse them, and accept the tory view that it was the last Labour gov’t that got us in this mess , without, saying that we should have had cuts quicker

    Rgqrding Progress Blairites critic ing Ed, now and then, Diane Abbott now writes for progress, Luke Akehurst, Peter Wheeler and Ellie reeves 3 progress choices for the NEC, were all Ed M, backers

    Other blairites like Steohen Timms Oona King and Stephen pound also backed Ed for leader,

    It was revealed in the New statesman, not only Lord Glasman, but 33 constituency M.P supporters of Ed .felt his leadership was on the wrong track, and some of those who’ve spoke out about the Falkirk situation were Ed backers,

  6. Tom Blackburn says:

    Judging from that clip, Danczuk seems to have trouble defending the policy – not surprising, perhaps – instead choosing to resort to cheap ad-hominem attacks on Owen Jones.

    This is a typically unpleasant and vindictive measure intended to punish the unemployed for the vicarious pleasure of mean-spirited Tory voters – the only real beneficiaries will of course be the payday loan spivs. The fact that some so-called Labourites are backing it shows how rotten much of the PLP really is.

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