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Good riddance IDS: long may this internal warfare continue

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

When you’re the head of a department that has meted out cruel and inhumane treatment to disabled people, when you’ve sat in the Commons and nodded through cut after sanction regime after tightened eligibility criteria, at what point do you say enough and call time over your complicity in these proceedings? Does one draw a […]

Parliament tomorrow debates the impact of Tory welfare reforms on poverty

by Michael Meacher.

Two events in this last week point up both the savagery and mindlessness of the Tories’ continuing and relentless assault on benefits. One was Osborne’s declaration that, after lopping off £25bn from the social security system in this parliament, he will make additional £25bn cuts in the next parliament half of which will be severed […]

Sinn Féin opposed to austerity, North and South

by Declan Kearney.

Mike Penning, former Tory Northern Ireland Office minister, and now Work and Pensions Minister flew briefly into Belfast last week on a mission. He threatened that unless his government’s cuts agenda is implemented here, penalties will be imposed on the Executive. Incredibly he said welfare cuts was a matter of fairness. He arrogantly accused those of us […]

It’s not just austerity, it’s deliberately punitive

by Michael Meacher.

It’s called ‘sanctioning’, and it’s part of the Tory armoury designed to brutalise the poor. DWP figures, just released after being withheld for months, show that in the last year, after the Tories introduced a new tougher benefit regime last October, benefit payments have been suspended in the case of the unemployed no less than […]

Simon Danczuk vs Owen Jones on welfare – the video

by Jon Lansman.

The Labour party is a broad church – some would say too broad. Judge for yourself who better encompasses Labour values.

Labour and rebuilding social security

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Look, I get it. No one needs to tell me that the antipathy towards the unemployed, the disabled, and anyone else forced to subsist on social security payments has been carefully but repeatedly orchestrated for over 30 years. Labour have historically not just gone along with the collective hounding of benefit recipients; during its time […]

Ed on social security: putting the cap into capitulation

by John Percival.

Despite attempts to spin it otherwise, Ed Miliband’s speech last week on social security represents a complete capitulation. Capitulation to the Tories, capitulation to the media and capitulation to the Blairites within the Labour Party who for months have been trying to push him into accepting many of the Government’s welfare cuts. Unfortunately despite abandoning […]

Judges overturn ATOS work capability assessment

by Michael Meacher.

Three cheers for the courts and mental health activists, none for the politicians and the Department of Work & Pensions. This week three judges ruled – as we all knew, but it required the courts to make it the law of the land – that the Government’s prescriptors, regulations and guidelines used to assess whether […]

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