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Labour still underperforms in selection of women and BAME council candidates

by Jon Lansman.

Figures reported to Labour’s national executive committee yesterday show that, whilst it may be doing better than other parties, it is still failing to ensure that its candidates for English local councils reflect their populations. With selections now having taken place in the vast majority of winnable seats, the proportion of women candidates is as […]

Wolverhampton Council cuts: What are the alternatives?

by John Millington.

Wolverhampton – the home of the once mighty Wolves football team and the former workshop of the world in manufacturing, has been dealt a crushing 21st century economic body blow. Council bosses revealed to their stunned workforce this month that 2000 of them will almost certainly be made redundant following the latest round of cuts to […]

Education for a One Nation Society

by David Pavett.

Labour’s recently issued One Nation Society document is as a clear an indication as one can find about the policies which will be in the election manifesto for 2015. It is a 60-page document of which 8 pages are given to education. In the second paragraph we read “One Nation Labour will put raising the […]

Labour councils must offer more than cliques and cuts

by Thomas Butler.

There was once a great, enchanting, romantic dream of local government. And that’s a dream idealists are prompted to look back to when the reality becomes far too overwhelming. In 2014, that reality is staring at us full force in the face. The present model of local government has run its course. The town halls […]

Boris Johnson: by their outbursts shall ye know them

by Michael Meacher.

The boisterous pantomime that is Boris Johnson may well have taken a step too far in his irrepressible flair for self-publicity. To observe that “as many as 16% of our species have an IQ below 85, while about 2% have an IQ above 130″ in order to justify ‘shaking the pack harder so it will […]

Mayoral candidates: a manifesto for London’s women?

by Christine Quigley.

One of the most interesting fringes at Labour conference was a Demos fringe on London after Boris. Given the speaker list (Andrew Adonis, Tessa Jowell, Sadiq Khan and David Lammy), I was fully expecting it to be the first hustings for London’s Labour Mayoral candidate in 2016. And given the large numbers queuing to enter […]

Eighty per cent want public ownership option

by Newsdesk.

A new poll finds 80% of the public think there should always be a public sector bid when a public service is contracted out. The public rejects default privatisation by 10:1. The poll was carried out by Survation and commissioned by We Own It, a new organisation committed to “Public services for people not profit” which launches today with […]

Fairness in tough times: coping with 40% cuts to local government

by Alice Perry.

Yesterday the Tory-Lib Dem coalition once again slashed funding for local government. Disgracefully, the country’s most deprived communities are receiving the biggest cuts. My local authority has suffered another £20million a year cut. This £20million is in addition to the eye-watering £120million a year cuts we have already received. Basically, since 2010 our budget has […]

GMB members in dispute to break Kitcat

by Andy Newman.

GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny is to lead a march and demonstration of GMB members employed by Brighton & Hove City Council who will be striking over proposed cuts to their take home pay. Saturday 15 June 2013, 11:30 AM Assemble at Cityclean Depot, Upper Hollingdean Road, Brighton, BN1 7GA Meanwhile, GMB has welcomed a commitment […]

Brighton Green council planning strike busting measures

by Newsdesk.

The Green party in Brighton & Hove is planning ‘contingency measures’ in an attempt to bust a strike in Brighton by GMB members seeking to defend themselves from cuts in take home pay of up to £4000 a year. Yesterday GMB wrote to the Green leader of the Council, Jason Kitcat, to warn him that the use of agency […]

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