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Cable still doesn’t get the extent of corporate greed

by Michael Meacher.

Vince Cable, to give him credit, is the one member of the Cabinet who is seriously concerned about pay extremism in the boardroom. The rest are seriously in favour of it. But the measures he has so far put in place, albeit harried at every turn by the Tory Right, will achieve little. He has […]

Hungry Britain or benefit scroungers – your tabloid choice

by Newsdesk.

The Mirror and the Express this morning illustrate the shameful divide in media attitudes to inequality in Britain. The Mirror asks why the sixth richest country in the world with more millionaires than ever has handed out a million food parcels this year. Widespread hunger is not news for the Express. It expresses its outrage […]

Video: How to change the post-crash economy

by Newsdesk.

Hosted at the RSA by the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) and Verso books, an expert panel including Costas Lapavitsas – professor of economics at SOAS, Paul Mason, Culture and Digital editor, Channel 4 News; Mariana Mazzucato, RM Phillips professor in the Economics of Innovation at Sussex University; and Seumas Milne, Guardian columnist […]

Time for the low inequality, high performance alternative from Labour

by Bryan Gould.

There is no novelty is arguing, as George Osborne does, that there is no alternative to his destructive and divisive policies of austerity – TINA was, after all, the Thatcherite catch-cry and as misleading in her day as it is today. But it is surely stretching credulity too far to suggest, as John Harris did […]

Unequal wealth in the UK – the best illustration ever

by Jon Lansman.

A truly excellent video – which will take up less than 3 minutes of your life – about inequality as British people think it is and should be, and how much worse it really is. From the good people at Inequality Briefing. Very well done to them. Hat tip: Socialist Unity. This video is essentially […]

Spare a penny for the rich, they’re down to their last million

by Michael Meacher.

A scene that brought tears to one’s eyes was seeing Lords Lawson and Lamont, both previous Chancellors, going on to the Today programme just before the budget to make a last-ditch plea for those who were really suffering in this era of austerity. No, it wasn’t for the 4 million working but not even being […]

Tackling inequality means challenging fundamentals of capitalist system

by Michael Meacher.

The ‘cost of living crisis’, powerful though the idea is, is a campaigning theme, not a policy. A Living Wage at the base of the income pyramid and a tax on bankers’ bonuses (as well as the EU bonus cap) would certainly help to mitigate some of the extremes, but by themselves don’t even begin […]

The politics of envy

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

If you pretend to speak for all working class people, then you’ve either got a chip on your shoulder, are a bit of a wally, or have some theatrical identity politics you feel the need to manifest. I’m guessing no one’s used the platform of the Daily Telegraph to do so before, so many congratulations to Lisa Ansell for being […]

Inequality: time for Labour to shout louder

by Michael Meacher.

Why is Labour so quiet and timid about the super-rich, those on more than £3,000 a week, and the ultra-rich, the FTSE-100 bosses who now average $.4 million a year remuneration, or to put in more readily used terms, £86,000 a week? There are, in fact, three good reasons why Labour should open up a […]

We need a ceiling on top-to-average pay ratio, starting at 20:1 and falling

by Michael Meacher.

Sir Philip Hampton, chairman of RBS, really let the cat out of the bag last week. He told a conference that he had had an ‘out of body experience’ when recently he was importuned by bankers with £4 million pay packages complaining that it was ‘very, very unfair’ because another bank was paying £6 million. […]

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