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Heating up the debate on food poverty

by Fiona Twycross.

The announcement today by the Trussell Trust that in the past six months, the number of people receiving food parcels from them has tripled to over 350,000 is indeed ‘scandalous’. The news last week that the British Red Cross is to start providing food aid to people in Britain is further manifestation of the continuing […]

Global inequality and poverty

by Mike Phipps.

There were two interesting new blog posts this week from Michael Roberts on global wealth inequality, entitled Global wealth inequality and From the extremely wealthy to more than a billion in extreme poverty. In the latter, he cites a World Bank reports that says there are now 1.2 billion people in extreme poverty – living on less […]

Post-crash inequality has really hit the fan

by Michael Meacher.

It seems almost indecent to recount that the richest 400 Americans now own, staggering as it may seem, no less than£1.4 trillions, a collective fortune slightly bigger than the Russian economy. The latest figures also reveal that in the US 95% of the gains from the recovery have gone to the richest 1% of the […]

Living standards lowest for a decade as new bonus bonanza for bosses takes off

by Michael Meacher.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies study Living Standards, Poverty and Inequality in the UK: 2013 just issued reveals that living standards fell to their lowest for a decade after average real incomes, which had already fallen 4% since the 2008-9 crash, fell a further 3% last year alone. At the same time Incomes Data Services has […]

What causes inequality?

by Bryan Gould.

The widening gap between rich and poor that has disfigured and weakened our society over recent decades is widely deplored, but there is surprisingly little understanding of how that growing inequality has been brought about. For most people, it simply reflects the natural order; the rich have each individually taken their chance, as anyone would, to […]

Trade union freedom or growing inequality: your choice

by Adrian Weir.

Just before Christmas, the Liaison Committee for the Defence of Trade Unions and the Campaign for the Repeal of the Anti-Union Laws merged to launch a new organisation to campaign for trade union rights, the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom (TUF). Its launch rally is being held on 23 March at Friends House, London at 1:30 pm. […]

Unequal wealth – the best illustration ever

by Jon Lansman.

This film will take just six minutes of your life. It is a fantastic illustration of just how unfair is the distribution of wealth. Not only is there a massive gap between the way people think things are and the way they think they should be (left and right alike), but there is an even bigger gap […]

When is Labour going to assert that recovery depends on greater equality?

by Michael Meacher.

In all the debate about economic recovery inequality is scarcely mentioned. Yet gross inequality is not only deeply resented and demoralising in wider society, it is also profoundly inimical to recovery and growth. This of course stands on its head the conventional wisdom of the last 30 years of neoliberal capitalism which asserts that inequality […]

Poverty Britain

by Michael Meacher.

The Experian Public Sector survey released today of families in work but at risk of a slide into destitution is very telling. There are 7 million adults in this category, in addition to the 5.5 million working-age adults already living in poverty (i.e. less than 60% of the national median income) – a total of […]

FTSE-100 chief execs down to their last £92,308 a week

by Michael Meacher.

Another story for ‘We’re all in it together’. A survey just published by Manifest/MM&K has found that the average pay of chief executives of FTSE-100 companies is now £4.m millions a year , just under £100,000 a week (though that threshold will probably be crossed next year). The average pay in their remuneration – salary, […]

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