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Left loses places on Executive but gains 18+ on Policy Forum

Although Ken Livingstone topped the poll in the national executive elections, the Left lost one place on the National Executive with a turnout of 70%, very much higher than usual. Oona King, benefitting from name recognition, came second and won a small consolation for losing the contest to be Labour’s candidate for London Mayor as well as winning the Right an extra place.

For the National Policy Forum, the Left slate won 18 places representing CLPs (and will be able to rely on the support of at least 3 or 4 others much of the time) – an increase from zero out of 55 thanks to the introduction of one member, one vote in this election. This is of enormous significance since it means that whenever the unions and the constituency Left vote together they can force a vote at conference on any policy issue.

Amongst the losers on the NEC are Peter Willsman, Secretary of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, and Peter Kenyon of Save the Labour Party. It is likely that the lost Left place could have been saved had there been agreement on a Left slate. There was agreement in most regions, however, on a Left slate for the national policy forum. The best results were in Wales, where the Left swept the board winning all 5 places, and Scotland, where they won four.  In the English regions, the Left won 1 in the East, 2 in Yorkshire, 2 in the North-west, 1 in London, 1 in the South-west and 2 the North. In addition, the Left has won several more places in the seats representing regional parties and councillors.


  1. Duncan Hall says:

    I think a place (or more) might have been saved on the NEC if there had been agreement to disagree on a Left slate. The nature particularly of so-called Grassroots Labour’s “slate” led to me (and I’m sure many others) voting entirely on first principles with no thoughts to slates for the first time since the CLGA was established. The decision by one part of the CLGA to drop two names from their list led to all the participating organisations essentially opting for every man/woman for him/her self. And that helped nobody. It must be avoided next year, even if that means promoting a “slate” of more than six names.

  2. Andrea says:

    The full NPF results have been published on the party website…

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