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Labour conference boycott by local parties revealed

by Jon Lansman.

A progressive boycott of Labour party conference by local constituency parties has been revealed in figures presented to Labour’s National Executive yesterday. The number of constituencies represented this year at the conference at which Ed Milliband’s election as leader was announced was the lowest in living memory — 412 meaning more than one in three […]

Ed Balls reminds Labour that Ramsay McDonald also said there is no alternative to cuts

by Jon Lansman.

In his address to conference, after  another hard-hitting attack on Michael Gove and Coalition education policy (it was, after all, the Education session), Ed Balls set out his economic alternative to their cuts agenda — “put growth and jobs first”. And in a coded warning to the cuts enthusiasts in the hall, he reminded conference that […]

It’s a progressive link between the unions and our party

by Len McCluskey.

It’s a commonplace that few, if any, of our sister parties in the Socialist International have the remarkable and enduring federal structure that our Labour Party has constructed and defended for the best part of a hundred years. Membership of political parties is both historically and currently low as a proportion of the population but […]

Labour renewal starts here. And the Left needs to back it.

by Jon Lansman.

Ed Miliband’s speech made a real break with New Labour. It signals a return to the core values of social democracy, a renewed commitment to liberty, to solidarity and above all to equality. Whilst celebrating the successes of the first years of Labour in power, he drew a clear line under the disastrous Iraq war, […]

Diane Abbott wins standing ovation and boost in Shadow Cabinet election

by Jon Lansman.

Diane Abbott, speaking to Labour conference as a losing leadership candidate, won loud cheers and a standing ovation — enthusiastic amongst delegates but noticeably reluctant amongst MPs, perhaps because she revealed that she was going to add to the competition which so many of them are about to face in the shadow cabinet elections.

Call for Labour ‘tax’ on MPs and ex-Ministers

by Jon Lansman.

John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, received loud applause from Labour conference delegates when he called from the rostrum for the party to levy a “tax” on Labour MPs with second jobs and outside earnings, and on former Labour ministers who go on to earn fortunes from consultancies and directorships. Unfortunately, the MPs’ section at the […]

What’s Labour’s Alternative to the Cuts

by Michael Meacher.

The officials at the Labour Party Conference, pursuing again as usual the hard-right bias instilled by the culture still remaining from the tenure of a previous General Secretary, Margaret McDonagh, stitched up the economic debate today.   It was largely anodyne, consensual, safely attacking the Tories but saying little at all about why we lost or […]

Left loses places on Executive but gains 18+ on Policy Forum

by Jon Lansman.

Although Ken Livingstone topped the poll in the national executive elections, the Left lost one place on the National Executive with a turnout of 70%, very much higher than usual. Oona King, benefitting from name recognition, came second and won a small consolation for losing the contest to be Labour’s candidate for London Mayor as well […]

Ed would have won by more under OMOV

by Jon Lansman.

The Tories have been criticising Ed Miliband because of the importance of trade union support to his victory, as if there was something wrong with the votes of 211,234 individual trade union members who support the party. Others – like the Guardian editorial and Andy Burnham – think that we should have a simple OMOV […]

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