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Coulson’s departure isn’t half the story

Cameron clinging to Coulson as his media fixer to the last possible moment, well beyond the point when his departure was inevitable, does say something about Cameron’s judgement since he behaved in exactly the same way over Michael Ashcroft, the ex-patriate from Belize who bought up the Tory party. Virtually everyone believed that Coulson must have know about the phone hacking at the News of the World when he was editor since it is inconceivable that any editor would have demanded to know where his big stories came from. But Coulson’s enforced departure as the evidence has mounted about the number of senior News of the World jouralists in the know – the tally so far is 5, though the true number is almost certainly far more – will not mark closure on the matter.   It is rather opening up  a much bigger scandal as the BSkyB decision hangs in the balance.

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