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Labour Yes is trying to bounce Labour around…

I want to tell you a story. It starts with me receiving a copy of the Lib Dems local Focus. Don’t leave me just yet because it gets better than this. On that Focus is some pretty blatant campaigning for a Yes vote in what it laughably terms the ‘fairer votes referendum’. If ever there was some cynical branding then this surely has to be eligible for some sort of prize. However, that is not the moral or even the point of this tale. How the ruling Lib Dem oligarchy has imposed their pet project on its party membership and literature is.

We all know that Andy Burnham, famously declared that Labour will not campaign for AV. He said that the ‘party machine’ would not help the Yes campaign. However, we also know Ed Miliband himself supports the Yes campaign and he is not alone in the party leadership. We also know that subsequently, Labour Yes, has been formed as an ‘autonomous’ part of the Yes campaign. Labour Yes employs ex-staff of both of the Milibands on the leadership campaign.  It has been the case that time and time again that the Yes campaign has tried to bounce Labour into adopting its position, along with its allies in The Guardian — a newspaper which incidentally gives a totally biased and unchallenged hearing to the Yes camp and seemingly refuses to publish articles from the No camp.

Labour Yes is still busy trying the same old tricks. Lets take a look at its website. It says;

“The Tories dont want fairer votes, they don’t want change. They say No! Labour is the party of fairness and change. Labour says Yes.”

So much for the Yes camp’s much vaunted commitment to democracy. It seems they have already decided our Party’s policy for it; we are saying Yes. It’s statement is, of course,  not true on both fronts. Some Conservatives, like Douglas Carswell, support electoral reform. A substantial portion of the Labour Party and the wider labour movement does not. Airbrushing both out of the picture is both dishonest and disingenuous. Who appointed Labour Yes as the descision makers on this policy? Labour Yes and it’s media allies have shown how uncommitted to democracy they are. Like their pet project, their actions are damaging and corrosive to democracy and though their preach ‘fairness’ their campaign is nothing of the kind.

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