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Right-wing press veto tax dodging campaign

Two right-wing newspapers, the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph, have today refused to carry ads opposing tax dodging (shown left) placed by campaign 38 Degrees, on the pretext that they could be viewed as libellous. The ads have been nevertheless accepted by the Guardian and Independent, and now 38 Degrees plan to run them on bus shelters and billboards instead. You can make a contribution to the cost here.

As 38 degrees point out:

George Osborne likes to say “we’re all in this together” but Channel 4 revealed that he’s avoiding paying tax. He pays accountants to help him find loopholes which Channel 4 reckon will help him dodge £1.6million. These kind of “legal tax dodges” cost the rest of us billions. How can we trust George Osborne to do all he can to close tax loopholes when he uses the loopholes himself?

Neither the government nor the right-wing press really want to tackle tax dodging, but together we can embarrass them into action. Sign the 38 degrees petition against George Osborne’s tax dodges, and support UKUncut’s next round of actions. We can prove the that as long as they’re not paying their fair share of tax, the public won’t buy George’s claims that “we’re all in this together”.

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