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Freeze Mubarak’s assets and send him to The Hague

The energy from the celebrations in Egypt is infectious. Images of complete strangers embracing in the street like they were family, awash in chants of victory and tears of freedom. But alongside the euphoria is the knowledge that much of the long road to liberation still lies ahead. This is only the beginning.

The Guardian and others are reporting that the Mubarak family fortune amounts to over £44 billion. Bounty, pillaged by a corrupt regime from an oppressed people. The same outlets are also reporting that a lot of this money is tied up in property in the UK. The UK government should freeze all assets under its jurisdiction, pending investigation of crimes against humanity. They should do everything in their power to facilitate Mubarak’s arrest and trial at The Hague. We must demonstrate outside property owned by Mubarak and demand these things with all the fervour and tenacity that the Egyptian movement has shown.

The uprisings across the Middle East are an inspiration for people across the globe struggling for a better world. Naturally we want to express solidarity with the Egyptian people, and help in whatever way possible. And help we can.

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