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Ed the Human

Labour’s election broadcast puts Ed at its heart. Does it work? Unfortunately, Leaders and how people see them matter to the way people vote. Ed is not well known, and his popularity trails Labour’s. And yet, for the Left, Ed’s humanity, his values, his integrity and decency, are what makes him the first Labour Leader we’ve really backed since Michael Foot. It wasn’t his policies — we’re still uncomfortable with some of those. It wasn’t his record.

It certainly isn’t the only thing that matters to the voters but it does matter. Will it work?


  1. Robbie says:

    Your voice ? … Our voice ? all we heard was his monotone voice for the entire video. We’re not a movement anymore we’re a collection of bureaucrats and i that’s sad i think.

  2. Gary Elsby says:

    I’m suffering £14bn worth of cuts under Cameron and Osborne and I will suffer £12bn worth of cuts under Miliband and Balls.

    He forgot to mention that.

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