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#SaveLabour – Vote Jeremy

by Guest.

A beautiful short film made by activists and filmmakers in Liverpool, featuring a wide range of local Labour members explaining why they support ‪#‎JeremyForLabour‬. Thank you Phil Maxwell, Hazuan Hashim and Lola Perrin! If you would like to volunteer your talents for Jeremy’s campaign, let him know through his campaign website.

Fly on the wall documentary “Jeremy Corbyn: The Outsider” (video)

by Newsdesk.

For the last two months, a film crew from have had behind the scenes access to Jeremy Corbyn and his team. This is the result.

Numb and number: where the Big Short falls short

by Ann Pettifor.

As this goes to press, global capital markets appear to be stabilizing after another period of intense, and scary stock market volatility. This set the context for the arrival in Britain of Adam McKay’s The Big Short – a film about the American sub-prime mortgage meltdown, based on the book by Michael Lewis. It could […]

When real wars shade into the simulated environments of the war game….

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The sometimes mischievous French philosopher, Jean Baudrillard earned himself a bit of notoriety in the wake of Operation Desert Storm by declaring that the the Gulf War did not take place. Of course, he wasn’t suggesting it didn’t take place in the sense that conspiracy theorists maintain NASA didn’t land men on the Moon. Baudrillard’s […]

Russell Brand urges you to vote Labour

by Newsdesk.

Part two of the Brand – Miliband interview is now out (you can see part one here). Complete with a previously un-released part of the previous interview (though it must be said that Ed struggles to get a word in through much of it), it includes an appeal by Brand for everyone to vote Labour – […]

Brand – Miliband: the interview (video)

by Guest.

The one you’ve been waiting for… Milibrand: The Interview. In this instalment of ‘The Trews: Politics Week’ Russell Brand meets Labour leader Ed Miliband to talk about the public’s frustration with government and how change can happen.

Labour’s election broadcast – countering the claim that politicians are all the same

by Jon Lansman.

If you weren’t one of well over a million people who have watched Labour’s election broadcast featuring actor Martin Freeman explaining why he is choosing Labour, now is your chance. The thrust of the  broadcast, is to present the choice at this election as “a choice between two completely different sets of values, a choice about […]

From the Holocaust to the Irish famine: can you make comedy out of genocide?

by Jon Lansman.

Can it ever be legitimate – possible even – to make comedy out of the world’s most appalling tragedies? A sitcom to be called Hungry, based on the Irish great famine (in which 1 million people died and another million were forced to emigrate in what some regard as an example of genocide), has been commissioned by Channel […]

Austerity lies and myths – what the government doesn’t want you to know

by Newsdesk.

Joining the panel of leading economists for discussion and debate on the true state of the economy and the lies underpinning the Government’s austerity programme are Left Futures contributors Ann Pettifor and Michael Burke, James Medway of the New Economics Foundation and journalist (and former Left Futures contributor) Owen Jones, chaired by National Union of Teachers general […]

Angeline Jolie and the mansion tax

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Oh noes, whatever are we to do? Angelina Jolie might be put off from moving Brad and the kids to London. Why? Because of the mansion tax. I’m sure some Tories are happy that Jolie has, as we used to say in Trot circles, objectively lined up with their opposition to the tax. I don’t […]

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