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UK Uncut goes global

UK Uncut may be targetted for politically-motivated arrests in the UK but it hasn’t stopped the movement going global. US Uncut has also become well-established very quickly, coast-to-coast, picking up a constituency keen to counter the Tea Party brigade. Canada Uncut is also now established in cities across Canada. However, there are now also groups established in Australia, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, and even, possibly, stirrings in Mexico and Sudan.

US Uncut with over 18,000 Facebook friends, organised 40 actions in cities across America to coincide with our own March for the Alternative on 26 March. They closed Bank of America branches in San Francisco and Washington DC, and also targetted Verizon and FedEx from Seattle to Jackson, Misissippi, and Baltimore to Tucson and Tampa. This video captures the action beautifully: DC police clearly don’t get it yet – you’ll see them asking to speak to whoever’s in charge!

They’re now planning a weekend of action in mid April.

In Canada,  they also had a day of actions across Eastern and central Canada on 26 March and they now have groups active on the west coast too. Now the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, who slashed corporate taxes and public spending (except on the military), faces an election on 2 May so they may have other priorities in the short term.

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