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Boris Johnson thinks Obama’s a bit of a mobster too

Last week, Ken Livinstone, defending the rule of law, said that the manner of the killing of Bin Laden “undermines any commitment to democracy and trial by jury and makes Obama look like some sort of mobster.” For this, he was denounced by “moderate” Labour bloggers — “the madness of Ken’s attack on Obama” and “foolish Ken strikes again.” And yet today, Boris Johnson says pretty much the same thing:

This was an assassination, a liquidation, an extra-judicial killing and a termination with extreme prejudice. Whichever way you look at it, President Obama has carried out one of the most effective whack jobs ever seen, and if he doesn’t get re-elected I will be amazed.

Now that the Archbishop of Canterbury has come out in favour of justice being seen to be done, perhaps we’ll see Labour bloggers of a certain disposition being a bit slower to denounce Labour’s candidate for London Mayor. But on this particular issue, Boris actually tells the story rather well:

Yup, it was Osama bin Laden’s “hostile act” of bullet-dodging that cost him his life, says the White House. If he had only stayed out there on the landing and taken the next bullet square on the mazzard, he would have been beyond suspicion, it seems. As an explanation for killing an unarmed man, this is starting to get embarrassing. I am reminded of the old South African police force, who used to explain deaths in custody by saying that their unarmed black detainees had launched savage attacks with their left temples and the smalls of their backs on the steel toecaps of their guards.

So why don’t we all just cut the cackle and admit the groaningly obvious. It is perfectly clear why the US will not release the video footage they were all watching in the White House, and that caused Hillary to press her knuckles to her mouth. There was no firefight. Osama bin Laden did not cower behind his wife, spraying the US troops from his AK-47 like some scene from Call of Duty: Black Ops. That was a lie that went round the world faster than it took the truth to get its boots on, and the truth was that bin Laden hadn’t even got his dressing gown on, let alone his boots, before he was despatched into the arms of Shaitan.

As to President Obama… those who were hoping for another Roosevelt have been enormously disappointed by Obama’s record, and this is another devestating let down. But we live in the world of real choices  and there is no doubt that we want him elected over any of the Republicans that might emerge. Obama wouldn’t be the first to see a man die to assist his election – Clinton was guilty of that too. But it makes you wonder that he could sit there in the situation room watching it happen.

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