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RIP Brian Haw, peace campaigner

Brian Haw, veteran Parliament Square peace campaigner, died yesterday aged 62. His death was announced today in a joint press release by the Parliament Square Peace Campaign and his family. Brian Haw set up camp in Parliament Square Gardens in June 2001 in response to sanctions against Iraq, and his campaign was widened following the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. In spite of numerous arrests and legal challenges, he continued his protest for almost ten years leaving the square only for court and appearances and when the advance of lung cancer led him to undergo treatment. He stated his intention last year to remain in the square until his death.

The campaign and family joint statement said of Brian:

Brian showed great determination and courage during the many long hard years he led his Peace Campaign in Parliament Square, during which it is well documented that he was relentlessly persecuted by the authorities which eventually took its toll on his health.

Brian showed the same courage and determination in his battle with cancer. He was keenly aware of and deeply concerned that so many civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine did not have access to the same treatments that were made available to him.

Parliament, the police, and courts etc, should forever be ashamed of their disgraceful behaviour towards Brian.

Brian is an inspiration to all in our campaign and we appreciate the many messages of support for Brian whose spirit continues to guide us in the work we do.

The Stop the War campaign said:

Brian’s courage and persistence was an inspiration to peace campaigners across the world, and his highly visible encampment became a focus for vistors to London, wishing to register in person their admiration and support.

Brian’s Parliament Square protest was recreated by in its entirety by Turner prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger as an exhibition at Tate Britain entitled State Britain.The original items had been confiscated by the Metropolitan Police in 2006, and included 500 weather-worn banners, photos, peace flags, and messages from well-wishers collected by Brian over the duration of his peace protest.


  1. I wonder if Brian Haw and the rest of the “Peace Camp” ever noticed the irony of protesting against all kinds of wars under the amused eyes of Winston Churchill:

    Nonetheless, may Mr Haw rest in peace.

  2. Mark says:

    Brian ,we shall miss you.
    Thank you, and lay in peace.

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