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Some Labour councillors join Lutfur Rahman’s cabinet

Four Labour councillors in Tower Hamlets have decided to join the cabinet of Lutfur Rahman, who was overwhelmingly elected Mayor of Tower Hamnlets as an independent after being replaced as Labour’s candidate by the person who had come third in the ballot and had made as yet un-investigated allegations against him. The Labour Group had previously decided not to participate in his administration and is now understood to be considering taking action against these councillors — Labour Councillors Abdul Asad, Shofiqul Haque, Rofique Uddin Ahmed and Shahed Ali.

Labour’s national executive has repeatedly called for the investigation of complaints made against Lutfur Rahman to be investigated, but Labour’s soon-to-retire general secretary has shown little interest in doing so. Some of the Leader’s advisers are keej to re-admit Rahman to the party, but those in Tower Hamlets most hostile to him may yet seek to take further disciplinary action against these councillors.

How much longer must party members in Tower Hamlets, a majority of whom voted for Rahman to be the Labour candidate, wait for something approaching justice to be done?


  1. Dan K. says:

    Does anybody know if this thing has broken out into the MSM yet.

  2. Stephen says:

    There are other Labour councillors considering the move, perhaps these four will give them courage?

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