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Golden rule of banking – don’t kill off your customers

First Golden rule of banking is: ‘don’t kill off your customers‘. But as the BBC 2 TV documentary Inside Job broadcast on Wednesday night confirmed, top bankers don’t care and live in a arrogant-elitist cocoon of their own making away from the reality the rest of the 99% who have no choice but to endure their bad decisions, which continue today… at our expense. Habitual use of prostitutes, adultery, regular cocaine taking, all were used by ‘high-fliers‘, not only for themselves but as incentive’s for their clients. None of those top bankers, or leading economists, saw anything wrong with 3500 financial lobbyists in Washington DC, and there are five times as many of these Wall Street guys in DC as there are people in Congress. If you did not see this film watch it or download it at BBC iPlayer.

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