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The only thing the 1% fear

A graph showing trade union membership versus the percentage of UK income taken by the one percent illustrates perfectly what the 1% have to fear.

(hat tip: J-C Duncan and @StroudAntiCuts)


  1. rural voter says:

    £155 bn, or £52 bn/yr? Sounds enough to abolish child poverty.

    But it’s just the tip of an iceberg. The UK gives the rich another subsidy of £40 bn/year and calls it private pension tax relief. (NB this subsidy doesn’t benefit those on modest middle incomes as it only serves to take them as pensioners just out of the reach of means-tested benefits.)

    I could go on and deal with another five or ten huge sums of money that fall into the hands of the rich … but I won’t. When is “Real Labour” going to come back and do the job that it was doing before the Party was taken over by Capital?

  2. Nathan S says:

    1979, conveniently the same year when tax reform slashed tax percentages stealing some 85%+ of upper income-earners to 40%. There is a lot more to the statistics than what this post is attempting to imply with union power.
    It should also be noted that in the year prior to the major shift (income up, unions down) the UK was a JOKE! They had fallen behind other European nations in productivity because of the ludicrous union strikes and demands.

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