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Labour executive elections: Left 47%, Right 33%, Ind 20%

The results of the elections for constituency representatives on Labour’s national executive show no change in the political composition compared with the current membership, the only change being that Peter Wheeler replaced fellow right-wing slate member Luke Akehurst. However, since Johanna Baxter replaced Oona King immediately after the previous election, this represents one lost seat for the right-wing Progress/Labour First slate, who also won only 32.8% of the votes compared with 47.3% for the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance and  19.9%  for independents.

In a much lower poll (which had been expected since the last election coincided with a leadership election) the relative position of Left and Right did not change much, although the positions are not easily comparable since there was no agreed Left slate in 2010. The Left remained dominant, with its share at 47.3%. In a first past the post election it is perhaps surprising that this yields only half the seats – which is because its votes are more evenly shared by its candidates. Incumbency, “independence” and being a non-Londoner were all factors which favoured election. All the established candidates in the top 9 places (apart from Ken) share the personal comfort that their personal share rose. Ken’s vote, though it did drop (by less than 4%), held up remarkably well – much better than predicted. Perhaps the most remarkable vote was that of Kate Osamor who very nearly got elected at her first attempt – missing out by only 124 votes. Expect to hear more of her.

Candidate Slate 2012 vote 2010 vote 2012 share 2010 share
1 Ken Livingstone (1) Left 31,682 88,235 11.3% 15.0%
2  Ann Black (3) Left 30,240 59,200 10.7% 10.0%
3 Ellie Reeves (4) Right 23,417 45,481 8.3% 7.7%
Christine Shawcroft (5) Left 22,236 44,338 7.9% 7.5%
5  Johanna Baxter (7) Ind 20,146 30,653 7.2% 5.2%
6  Peter Wheeler (9) Right 17,721 28,752 6.3% 4.9%
7  Kate Osamor (-) Left 17,598  6.3%
8 Luke Akehurst (6) Right 17,475 30,825 6.2% 5.2%
9 Peter Willsman (8) Left 16,786 29,009 6.0% 4.9%
10 Darren Williams (-) Left 14,641
11 Florence Nosegbe (-) Right 12,745
12 Ruth Smeeth (-) Right 10,860
13 Joanne Milligan (-) Right 10,034
14 Lewis Atkinson (-) Ind 8,968
15 Shukat Ali (12) Ind 6,855 21,881 2.4% 3.7%
16 Darrell Goodliffe (-) Ind 6,147
17 Lynda Rice (-) Ind 4,864
18 Rajwant Singh Siddhu (16) Ind 4,726 13,252 1.7% 2.2%
19 Rob Carr (-) Ind 4,386

An analysis of the National Policy Forum elections will follow shortly.


  1. Peter Kenyon says:

    Dear Jon

    Has Grassroots Labour managed to prise a commitment from Ken Livingstone to report back?

    If not, perhaps he could accelerate Kate Osamor’s progress by stepping aside. As you yourself conclude:

    “Perhaps the most remarkable vote was that of Kate Osamor who very nearly got elected at her first attempt – missing out by only 124 votes. Expect to hear more of her.”

    Quite so.

    Peter Kenyon

  2. Written a few comments on the results (specifically Luke Akehurst) here:

  3. john P reid says:

    I think kate osamor got her vote more due to bieng on at ticket with Ann Black and Ken, rather than metioning who her motehr was,

  4. Chris says:

    I’m glad to see the left win again, but why can’t we take control of the leadership?

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