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Join the celebrations and defend the NHS at 65

NHS Olympics imageNever mind Independence Day. Tomorrow, Friday 5th July 2013, the NHS will celebrate its 65th birthday. The Labour party and a number of trade unions have organised events across the country to mark the occasion. Here’s a snapshot:

The GMB union has sourced ambulances from the 40s, 50s and 80s to take part in a motorcade parade in Westminster. From 9am till 11am the vehicles will drive in slow procession starting at Westminster Bridge heading towards Parliament Square, around the square into Whitehall, around the roundabout, and back down Whitehall, around Parliament Square and back across Westminster Bridge. The union is also hosting 29 other events at a range of locations across the country.

Labour activists will be taking the message to the doorstep and to town centres across the country. Fill in your postcode here to find an event near you. The London Labour party is hosting a series of NHS phonebanks at Walkden House, Euston, from Thursday evening onwards.

Unite has put together a “community action map” of celebrations and demonstrations, which community groups and campaigns can add to.

Let us know what you’re doing to mark the occasion, and we’ll add it to the list.

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