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Join another round of protests against the ‘Bedroom Tax’ next weekend (30 March)

Following the nationwide series of protests on 16 March, a further fifty protests are taking place on Saturday 30 March throughout Britain against the Bedroom Tax. to send a further message to the Tory-led government that we’re united in opposition to this cruel, unworkable and counter-productive attack on poor and vulnerable people. These events are open to everyone, and organisers include people from 8 political parties, five Trade Unions, and a host of tenants’ organisations.  If you wish to attend any one of these events, please click the event details in the (blue writing in the brackets) of whichever event. This will take you through to a sign up page where you can see who else is attending. You can also view and download the protest poster, and chat with your fellow protesters. If your location is not on this list but you would like it to be then email Dr Dr Éoin Clarke of Labour Left on BedroomTax@Hotmail.Com and he promises that they will try to make it happen.











  1. Dani says:

    Please can you correct the link for the Brighton demo – the one you have here is broken. It should be thanks

  2. hayley says:

    think its awful and unfair that there is a bedroom tax gets worse by the day.

  3. Carol Williams says:

    I would like to take part in the Bedroom Tax protest in liverpool. Could you give me more details where to meet and what date and time. ( some conflicting dates 16th or 30th March ). Cheers Carol

  4. Lynda Coulson says:

    I would like to take part in the bedroom tax and abolishing it in Ringwood, Hampshire but there isn’t any started up here and I already know plenty of people who are against it.

  5. Elsbeth Benjafield says:

    I wish to attend a Bedroom Tax protest in London and can find no information as to where and when it might be!Please can I have some clear details to pass on to others. Many thanks Elsbeth

  6. Matty says:

    To the above posters asking for more details I see the article says “email if you cannot find information.”

  7. I am a sisabled person living in the house I was born in. I am 52 years old and have appealed against my ESA discision, as a result I am only getting 71 pound a week. this amount is not enough to pay someone to help me move to a smaller property , I cant move by myself as I cant drive even if I could pay for it myself so can hardly carry 52 years of possesions down the street on my back, and there is no way any one else can or will help so if and when I am forced to move anything left here Iwill be charged for even though I have no money. If I dont pay the extra 22 pounds a week this will be taken as breaking my tennancy agreement and can and will be evicted as volountarily homeless even if they have to drag me kicking an screaming out of the house and they will then claim as I am volountarily homless they can and will wash thier hands of me. The point is it will cost them the same or more to help me move or to dispose of all my things and I will end up homeless even though I have complied with all I am being forced to do this is unacceptable when the Primeminister says we must make cuts and sacrifices when he and all his members of government that are paid for by the taxpayer will not follow the same example as his salery for a month is ten or twenty times that of anyone on benifits its time the same rules applied to them ,he should be forced to work for a standard living wage and be charged for any spare rooms and should make the same sacrifices that we are being forced to endure as his standard of living is so far in advance of any one in my position. The leaders should save money and take it from where there is a surplus at the top where it is and prove that you cant take one more grape from a bunch for ever.they wont give up their lifestyle so they are living in comfort like a king but want people with nothing to pay fof it without taking the final responsability of makeing the weak and helpless suffer. ps I dont run a car boot sale on a sunday, I dont play sunday leage football and then go to the pub afterwards I dont go on holiday abraod every year I dont have a big screen tv and I have not been upstairs on a bus for years, Yes there are people claiming benifits that do these things but that is not the majority of the those are the ones that need to be checked not the people who are realy in need of the benifits which far outweigh the cheats these reforms are unjust and unfair and another way for the powers that be to cover their own useless efforts to cover their asses.PPS I bet this never sees the light of day and will not make the slightest differance at, see you on the streets Ill be under the next road brige along.

  8. Donna says:

    is there a protest happening in southampton clicked on link but says its not available

  9. Frances Swallow says:

    The links to the Manchester demo don’t work from any site I have tried. They all take me to my own Facebook events page! So I have no idea when and where in the city it will be held. Any info welcome

  10. alison says:

    It keeps taking me to facebook and events but this event isn’t on there, it says to create it. how do i find out where and when it is happening in Southampton.

  11. alison says:

    Iv clicked on Southampton link it doesn’t work.

  12. Mary Anderson says:

    Hi can anyone help,I am a little confused as to the date for the protest, some are saying march 16th others are saying that it’s the 30th. I wouldliketo come along but don’t want to make arrangements get thereto find ihave the wrong day, to let you understand I am disabled and need help to get there, is the march over a long distance as I woulnt be able to walk. Thanks .

  13. kevin tatters says:

    i think its absolutly sicking that this bedroom tax and all these other stuff they want to bring out as a im not a political person but this is making me so stressed as a young hard worker i really dont want to invest in this country in buying a house because i know there will be something again and again im going to make my money and f off like all these polish and i hope this country is left in tatters i wish i could make this protest lucky im at work what a way to f us over ahhhhhhahhhhhh!!!! thank you david cameron for making us the people that pay your wages your enemy wankeerrrrrr!!!!!

  14. Grainne Landowski says:

    More people would come to the protests if they were publicised better. Trying to find out details of the protest in Sheffield today and all links seem to be broken – a real shame as this is messing up a good opportunity to get people who aren’t usually interested in this sort of thing involved.

  15. Mr Piers Carter says:

    Hi I have started a petition to reintroduce the fair rent act as a way of bringing down the Housing Benefit bill. Please have a read (its not long) and if you agree sign it and share it.

  16. Martyn says:

    The Bedroom Tax and 25% Council Tax demand on many of the UK’s poorest residents has been thought-out, placed into action and implemented by people who are emotionally disabled.

    The following information outlines how British Governments have used almost undetectable methods of personal invasion to cheat to obtain political and personal objectives.

    ( Hypothetically during the cold war the USA government/security services commissioned mercenary practitioners to develop a form of single and/or mass population mind control. It is thought that during the time of Margaret Thatcher’s government part of the system was used within the UK, it is possible during the time of Tony Blair’s government that parts of the system was introduced into the British Public Services. By preferring applicants with higher education qualifications, which would reduce the number of people who would have the required psyche codes and or EAD’s, by placing subliminal questions into employment application forms, by using parametric test, test which the applicant should “pass or fail depending on the required results” ( and by using recruitment by positive transference) it has been possible to analyse the applicants psyche codes and levels of emotional intelligence. The screening would reveal how compliant an applicant would be to undertaking particular types of actions which could cause harm or loss of life to one or more people, which would be the collateral damage caused by the employers expectations. [ The system runs on an almost parallel to the 1960’s Stanley Milburn experiment where ordinary passive people were conditioned to kill people they did not know without suffering remorse]). The unethical use of profiling people for their lack of emotional intelligence, combined with their will to be compliant in return for personal gains ( especially subsidised public service pensions) has meant that groups of public service providers have been put in place who suffer tunnel vision and positive transference and who as individuals and as a collective will pursue the most damaging actions against other people, without being fully aware that they are acting in an adverse manner. Some public service legal investigative, judicial processors and law enforcement procedures have been discreetly and unlawfully created to create unjust outcomes whilst appearing to be independent and lawful processes.

    Many people are concerned at the use of CCTV cameras invading their privacy, they may not be aware that their personal psyche code information can be collected by their employers via subliminal information gathering.

    For decades British Governments have been escalating the spiral-of-social and economic decay by pursuing acts which benefited the key decision makers the most.

    The appalling current economic situation has been created by decades of politicians and key decision makers many of whom suffer from Emotional Disabilities and self preservation over-drivers which means they were not fit for purpose.

    Every human-being is born with an individual sensory process which makes up the persons psyche code. The processes commence from before birth and turns experience into memory forming our emotional intelligence and sensory awareness. The psyche code makes the person the person they are. Psyche codes can be masked by life conditioning. In many cases the life conditioning will guide the person to act in ways which are not compatible with their psyche code. Often as the person progresses through life parts of the persons psyche code will regain control over their life conditioning, which is why many peoples preferences change with age, resulting in career changes, relationship breakdowns and so called unexplained suicides.

    Some people are born wholly or partly emotionally disabled or are conditioned to be wholly or partly emotionally disabled by life conditioning. When a person suffers emotional disability the persons psychological processes are impaired no matter how academic the person might be. ( It is why some key decision makers can make plans work on paper but when the plans are put into practice they become disasters).

    Large parts of the reason for the multi million pound losses in the early days of the British Child Support Agency, the various failures of British Government Policies and a large part of the cause of the British Banking Disasters have all been created by large numbers of people who were placed within Perceptual Clusters and Perceptual Hierarchies. A Perceptual Cluster is a group of people who share the same or very similar psyche sensory awareness codes. In reality they are almost virtual psychological/emotional clones of each other. It is only their physical appearances and life conditioning which might differ.

    The psychological/emotional cloning of people is a dangerous practice because it creates perceptual clusters, which are almost or fully void of any means of diverse thinking, feeling or acting, it can also ensure ineffective communications, misunderstandings and almost undetectable injustices/miscarriages of justice. Issues which could have been resolved by emotional intelligence can rapidly escalate into bitterness, aggression
    and even unwarranted litigation or loss-of-life.

    Perceptual Hierarchies. Perceptual Hierarchies are groups of people who have controlling managerial tiers, which consist of people who have similar or the same Psyche Sensory Awareness Codes (subject to conditioning by from birth to present day life experiences).

    Whilst there could be some differences caused by some people having greater authority and increased personal resources, the internal psychological/emotional processes will have similarities. ( Often it will be life conditioning and or transference which will be a major contributor to the way the Hierarchy has been created). The psychological/emotional cloning of people is a dangerous practice because it creates perceptual hierarchies, which are almost or fully void of any means of diverse thinking, feeling or acting, it can also ensure ineffective communications, misunderstandings and almost undetectable injustices/miscarriages of justice. Issues which could have been resolved by emotional intelligence can rapidly escalate into bitterness, aggression
    and even unwarranted litigation or loss-of-life.

    Many of the UK’s problems have been created by British Governments and employers using Perceptual Clusters and Perceptual Hierarchies based on the fact the people who make up the Perceptual Clusters and Perceptual Hierarchies are highly academic and or have high relevant personal connections. The fact that the relevant key decision makers have inadequate levels of emotional intelligence and high levels of self preservation over-drivers has been by passed at great cost to the UK and the low income people who have to suffer for the emotionally disabled failures.

    I assure you that emotional intelligence can play a major role in failure or success.

    I hope you will be able to raise the issue of emotional intelligence failures with the relevant key decision makers.

  17. tracy collins says:


    Dear Dave,

    I would like to remind you of something.

    Your speech on April 27th 2010.

    You said: ” Let’s mend our broken society.”

    You said: ” I know I’ve been criticized for saying our society is broken and I know I will again.”

    You said: “Something is broken. Society is broken.

    The broken society is not one thing alone.

    It is not just the crime.

    It is a whole stew of violence, anti-social behaviour, debt, addiction, family breakdown, educational failure, poverty and despair.

    This is life – or the backdrop of life – for millions of people in this country.

    So how should we respond?

    The first response – the human response – is to feel unutterably sad at so much waste.

    Wasted hopes. Wasted potential. Wasted lives.

    But sadness and anger aren’t going to change anything on their own.

    Mending the broken society needs head as well as heart.”

    You said: “There is, I believe, only one way out of this national crisis – and that is what I have called the Big Society.

    A society where we see social responsibility, not state control, as the principal driving force for social progress.

    A society where we come together, and work together, to solve problems.

    A society where we remember every day that we’re all in this together.

    And today, I want to make the case for the values that should drive the creation of the Big Society – and the policy agenda that flows from those values.

    It requires, I believe, drawing on the deepest values of Conservatism, giving power to people not the state, strengthening families, encouraging responsibility, common sense and rigour, and applying these values to the key aims of improving the lives of people in our country – especially the very poorest”.

    You said: ‘The poorest are getting poorer”.

    You said: “We need to move from big government to the Big Society – a society with personal and collective responsibility right at its heart.

    To set off on this new course, we will be guided by the philosophy of progressive conservatism.

    Progressive – because if the Big Society exists for any reason, it must be to help the most disadvantaged in our country and seek to create a more united and equal place for us all.”

    BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU SAID: “Above all, we will be the most family-friendly Government you’ve ever seen in this country, because I believe that the family is the crucible of responsibility.

    Strong families lead to strong societies.

    It’s as simple as that.

    We are going to do all that we can to support every family – and every kind of family

    Many of our biggest problems start and end with the family – and there can be little progress until we recognise this.”

    So Dave.

    You were right on one thing.

    You will be “criticized for saying our society is broken and I know I will again.”

    Because I am criticizing you now.

    You talked of a broken society and you acknowledged that : “Many of our biggest problems start and end with the family – and there can be little progress until we recognise this.”

    So what do you do, Dave?

    You introduce the bedroom tax, abolish council tax benefit and replace it with local schemes forcing local authorities to clean up your mess, and cap benefit payments even though you acknowledge that: “‘the poorest are getting poorer”.

    How does this fix our broken society, Dave?



    You instruct ATOS to carry out work capacity assessments on your behalf.

    So far, Dave, 7,100 people have died after being placed in groups entitled to unconditional support because they were considered to ill or disabled to work.

    1,300 people have died after being placed in a work related activity group.

    And, 2,200 people have died before their ATOS assessment was even completed.

    And, on average, a further 73 people die every week.

    So, please Dave.


    This is nothing short of the culling of the most desperate and vulnerable members of our society…..I call it : “The Cameron Culling Policy”.

    And it doesn’t end there, does it, Dave?

    How can you claim: “Above all, we will be the most family-friendly Government you’ve ever seen in this country, because I believe that the family is the crucible of responsibility” and then introduce welfare reforms that could see families forced out of their homes?

    Homes where families have been brought up, homes where grand children visit to stay with nanny and grandad for the weekend, homes that people have built up over the years and hold precious memories.

    You even target the homes of those out fighting for your country by demanding bedroom tax whilst they are away- men and women risking their lives fighting for YOUR country.

    Home is where the heart is Dave.

    And you are ripping out what is left of the heart of the already broken society you talk about-and damaging it beyond repair.

    So, yes, Dave.

    Society is broken.

    And YOU broke it.

    Haven’t you worked that one out yet?




  18. Peter says:

    Why is it that this was managed to get this far, it’s just attacking people who can’t fight back.
    Why don’t this stupid coalition government just bring in a law that any disabled or mentally ill people must report to their local gas chambers, Hitler done it to his sick and disabled people.
    Any thing is better then living in this awful country now.

  19. Hi, thanks for supporting the protest in Coventry – you’ve got the details wrong though, it’s 1pm on April 11th, not the 30th –

    Also, it isn’t TUSC event, we’re an independent campaign – some of us support TUSC, some are Green or Labour members, but most are independent.

    Thanks again, just wanted to clear that up

  20. Hi again, you’ve put the 14th but the demo is on Thursday 11th.

  21. Sophia Lycouris says:

    dear all,
    I would like to circulate some information, which might be of interest to readers of this blog. It is about a 48-hour long activist performance art piece, which deals with issues on benefits, and will be available for people to watch online at from 2pm on 10 April. The full press release is included below.

    at Bedding Out is a 48-hour around-the-clock live performance by artist-activist Liz Crow Salisbury Arts Centre & via Social Media
    10 – 12 April 2013, starting 2.00pm

    Bedding Out emerges from the current welfare benefits overhaul, which threatens many with poverty and a propagandist campaign that has seen disability hate crime leap by 50%. Coinciding with the introduction of the Personal Independence Payment, which replaces Disability Living Allowance from 8 April 2013, it sees Liz taking her private bed-oriented life and placing it in the public arena for all to see over a 48-hour period.

    “I wear a public self that is energetic, dynamic and happening, but I am also ill and spend much of life in bed,” explains artist-activist Liz Crow. “The private self is neither beautiful nor grownup. It does not win friends or accolades, and I conceal it carefully, but the benefits system demands a reversal – my private self paraded to justify support.”

    As she contends with the contradictions of the benefits system, Liz explains: “For some months, I have lain low for fear of being penalised, but instead of letting fear determine who I am, I’d rather stare it in the face. Bedding Out is a performance in which I take my private self and make it public -something I have not done in over 30 years.”

    In a gallery, over a period of 48 hours, Liz will take to her bed, performing what she describes as the other side of her fractured self – her “bed-life.”

    “Since the public me is carefully constructed, this will be a kind of un-performing of my self. I want to make a twilight existence visible, but more than that, I want to show that what many people see as contradiction – what they describe as fraud – is only the complexity of real life.”

    So here’s how you can join in:

    In Bedside Conversations members of the public gather round the bed to talk about the work, its backdrop and its politics.

    Watch online at
    Wed 10 Apr: 2.00pm and 6.00pm (GMT +1)
    Thu 11 Apr: noon (via Twitter) and 3.15pm Fri 12 Apr: 10.15am

    Free Entry. Duration 40 minutes. Sign up at Salisbury Arts Centre website: or phone 01722 321744. BSL interpreter and notetaker present at all Conversations.

    Via the web: You can watch Bedding Out, including all Bedside Conversations, throughout its 48 hours at

    Bedside Conversations will be live streamed with audio, BSL interpretation and live subtitles.

    On Twitter (@RGPLIzCrow #beddingout):
    Follow @RGPLizCrow and use the #beddingout hashtag to take part in the conversation.
    Join our Twitter-based Bedside Conversation on Thu 11 Apr at noon.

    By text message: Anyone not on twitter can text us: 07784 899514 (outside the UK take away the 0 and add +44) and we can upload what they say to twitter. Typing ‘MySecret’ before the text, means we will tweet messages anonymously.

    @rgplizcrow | #BeddingOut | 07784 899514 |

  22. pen says:

    Im sick of this country!!!! Why not pay us to leave the country??? Millions would i think….! Its finished completely..Sad to say im british actually. I get £72 a week benefits, and out of that the council tax will cost £30 month, £15.95 bedroom tax, gas, electric, tv, train fares, water, and food, if i have any for food. Might as well live in a garage now or be in prison as prisoners get treated better than the real world. I have kept my H/A house in excellent condition, and if i moved which i cant, as noone wants to move into my area because of its issolation, and lack of work and therefore i am forced to stay here. I have tried for 2 years now, and If i did find a swap, there is not a chance i can apply for a loan off the job centre as they have been stopped… So what is the answer???

  23. Nick Jacobs says:

    I’m not on Facebook, etc. Would like to make a donation. Live in London NW5.

    What to do?

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