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Labour’s early gift to the Tories

John Edmonds GMBJohn Edmonds was General Secretary of the GMB from 1986 to 2003, the longest serving major union general secretary in modern times. Yesterday, this letter appeared from him in the Guardian.

The trap is opened and Labour falls straight in (Miliband looks at reducing power of union leaders, 8 July). Allegations are made of irregularities in the selection of a candidate in a single constituency and Labour decides that this is the moment to launch a controversial review of its whole constitution. People are suffering dire poverty, the NHS is being steadily privatised, our education system is being fragmented and the UK economy has not grown for years. But instead of focusing on the appalling actions of this terrible government, we will now witness a long and destructive row between the Labour leadership and the unions. The Tories must think that Christmas has come in July.

John Edmonds

One Comment

  1. Robert says:

    The Union walked into this one, they picked Ed Miliband, now you have to live with it.

    All this looks more and more about state funding.

    What a sad state of affairs and I bet Tony Blair in the back ground on this, he likes the America style of getting people elected Primaries, could not do it himself so get The soft looking sounding Miliband to do it for him, Blair likes state funding especially as he got caught selling peerages.

    Three Tory parties take your pick, hard line Tories with Cameron, Tory Lite with Miliband, and the liberals who will be what ever you want them to be so long as they are in coalition.

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