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Activists prepare for another day of action against student debt

Debt-in 2University campuses across the country will play host to another day of action against the privatisation of student debt, this Wednesday, 20th November. This follows numerous student actions on the 5th November “bonfire of austerity”, along with a week of action in late October which saw the offices of several Lib Dem MPs targeted.

Students at 26 universities are set to stage direct action events, rallies, information stalls and public meetings. The day of action has been called by two bodies that co-ordinate national student action: the Student Assembly Against Austerity and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY: Students will be focusing on persuading MPs in Manchester to sign the Early Day Motion to stop the privatisation of student debt. Actions for the day will include “debt-ins” at busy areas throughout the campus, leafleting and petitioning. For further details check out the facebook event here

CAMBRIDGE: following a successful action on 5th November (reported here) are set to re-stage their successful “Stuck in the Debt” action and hold another “debt-in”, this time at the university’s Sidgwick Site, where most arts and humanities lectures take place. These direct action events will take place from 9.45am, 10.45am, and 12pm. More information on the Facebook event here.

SOAS: Students at are organising a creative action from 12.30pm at SOAS’s main campus. Check out the facebook event for further details

MIDKENT COLLEGE: Students at will be doing an ‘obstacle course of debt’ to highlight all the barriers the Tory-led government are putting up against students in further education, alongside photo actions and petitioning. Contact Midkent College SU President Matt Stanley for further details on

LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY: students will be holding a rally on University Square from 12pm, followed by banner drops, building a ‘student debt obstacle course’ and collecting signatures on a petition to send to local MPs. Check out the facebook event here

WARWICK UNIVERSITY: students will be doing banner drops and a creative action to highlight how students are constrained by debt. Check out the Protect the Public University Warwick facebook page for more details.

NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY: Students are meeting in front of the Portland Building at 10am and the actions will last most of the day. They will be informing students, having a banner drop and possible other actions! Check out the facebook event here

YORK UNIVERSITY: students will be holding a stall outside the library from 10am, with a rally from 12.30pm. The day’s activities will include speakers and petition signing. Check out the facebook event here

GLOUCESTERSHIRE UNIVERSITY:  students are getting involved in the national day of action. Join the facebook group ‘Gloucestershire students against the student debt sell off’ for more information and to get involved

SUSSEX UNIVERSITY:  Sussex University Students’ Union will be handing out flyers, collecting signatures and doing a creative and fun action which will represent students being unable to get their degrees which may involve an inflatable bungee game! Contact Sussex University SU Education Officer for more details on or check out the facebook event

ABERYSTWYTH UNIVERSITY: Students are having a public meeting from 11.30 in the Students’ Union to discuss the campaign to stop the privatisation of the student loan book and all the attacks on higher education. Check out the facebook event for more details

NORWICH UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS: Student from Norwich University of the Arts will be targeting the local MP with a creative stunt symbolising what the hike in interest on student loans will mean for students. Contact Students’ Union President Tom Richards to get involved on

GOLDSMITHS COLLEGE: Students at Goldsmiths are organising a ‘drowning in debt’ creative action to highlight the consequences of privatising student loans. For more information contact the Goldsmiths Student Assembly Against Austerity

DURHAM UNIVERSITY: Students will be collecting signatures for the petition to send to their local MPs. They will also have a stall near the students’ union, and will be handing out leaflets. Check out the facebook event here

OXFORD UNIVERSITY: Students are holding a rally to stop the privatisation of student loans from 12pm, assembling at the Claredon Building, Broad Street. Check out the facebook event here

CHESTER UNIVERSITY: Students will be petitioning from 12noon. Join the facebook event here

Students at Essex, London Met, University of the Arts London, Sheffield, UEA, Westminster and Brighton are also set to take action. Further updates will be posted on the national Facebook events by the Student Assembly Against Austerity and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

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