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Mass student protests planned for tuition fees vote

The National Union of Students has announced a day of lobbying for Thursday 9 December, the date that MPs are to vote on controversial plans to raise tuition fees in England which was confirmed by ministers this week. The vote will be a critical test for the coalition, which has faced mass protests over its plan to triple fees to £9,000 after every Liberal Democrat MP signed an individual pledge to vote against any increase if they were elected to parliament. NUS president Aaron Porter said:

MPs can be left in no doubt as to the widespread public opposition to these plans or of the consequences of steamrollering them through parliament. For the third time in less than a month thousands of students have taken to the streets to protest against the government’s attacks on further and higher education. Despite repeated dismissals by Nick Clegg that these are uninformed protesters, students are intelligent, articulate people who are not being listened to by those in whom they placed their hope for a different politics.”

Meet at University Of London Union (ULU), Malet street, London (Russell Square Tube)

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  1. Norman Blackett says:

    Parents and others who will be badly affected by this outrageous regressive policy have left too much of the responsibility for protesting to unselfish current students. We all ought to be supporting this mass march to parliament. What time will the assembly begin in Mallet Street? I will be travelling to London and hope to be in time to join the march. Incidentally, the notion of a graduate tax is the second best approach. The best is a simple rise in the higher rate of taxation. Even if those earning this sort of money, including me, are not graduates they will undoubtedly will have benefited from those who have has higher education without having to worry about tuition costs.

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