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Stand up to racism – support March 22nd rally

Stand up to racism - download flyerIn the run-up to the European elections it is vital that the labour and progressive movement takes a stand against racism. The Tories are adapting to UKIP’s efforts to make immigration the central question in the election. Large sections of the media are only too happy to fuel and facilitate this agenda.

Yet the whole move is transparently racist – despite all the lofty denials from David Cameron and Nigel Farage. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than Farage’s speech to UKIP’s Spring Conference.

He spoke under the banner “Love Britain. Vote UKIP” a paraphrase of the old National Front slogan “Love Britain. Vote NF“. His pitch was “… only UKIP will stand up and defend working men and women in Britain”. A little rich coming from someone with a City background! But the real nub of it came with this:

In scores of our cities and market towns, this country, in a short space of time, has, frankly become unrecognisable … In many parts of England, you don’t hear English spoken anymore”.

Now, this does not stand a moment’s scrutiny. He is saying that at least 40 of our cities and market towns are “unrecognisable”. Is this a joke? Or is it that he is playing up to those who find black people alien.

And where are those “many parts of England” where English isn’t spoken anymore? He doesn’t name one; because, they don’t exist. So this drivel is offered to satisfy those with a bigoted view of England. There is no logic or evidence. Yet it comes from the leader of a party which could gain the largest vote in the forthcoming Euro elections.

UKIP’s rise has been one of the by products of the austerity policies being adopted by the British government and by the EU. They are merely being the most adept at turning people’s vision way from the root causes of the great economic stagnation –the collapse in private investment, the huge financial speculations, and the removal of all restraints upon money-grubbing.

UKIP’s favourite explanation is the impact of “uncontrolled” immigration upon the labour market or in short hand, immigrants. This is despite all the evidence illustrating that migration into Britain raises economic activity and living standards.

Robert Chote, head of the government’s Office of Budget Responsibility, told the Treasury Select Committee that government plans to cut net immigration to below 100,000 per year could push Britain’s debt up to 120% of GDP over an extended period.

Cameron is refusing to publish an official report on EU migration. According to Jonathan Portes, who runs the National Institute of Economic and Social Research:

It’s not surprising that the government’s review of the evidence should have concluded that EU migration is broadly good for the UK economy; and that it should have failed to provide any hard evidence that “benefit tourism” is a problem. That is what the research shows. What I would say is that having taken the trouble to commission a comprehensive review of the evidence on this topic, which is clearly one of great public interest, the government has a duty to publish it in a timely fashion.”

Cameron, acting like a complete political coward, is refusing to publish this until after the Euro elections. The lack of factual evidence will not deter the racist, populist campaign.  It is vital that labour and progressive movement stand up to this racism.

Such an opportunity takes place on March 22, in support of the UN Anti-Racist Day. A major rally is assembling at Parliament Square, London from 11am, with rallies also taking place in Cardiff and Glasgow at the same time that day. These actions are supported by, amongst others, the TUC, Unite Against Fascism, the Muslim Council of Britain, Migration Rights Network, Unite, Unison, GMB, PCS, NUT, NASUWT, CWU and the National Union of Students.

Download a flyer with more information here

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  1. swatantra says:

    UKIPs true antecedents the NF and BNP need to be revealed.

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