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Save the NHS and join the march and rally 29 September!

Watch this great video by Unite which explains how the NHS was first established and the privatisation threat that it faces today and get ready to join the march and rally for the NHS on 29 September.

Then put this date in your diary!

Defend Jobs and Services. No to Austerity.

March and Rally – Sunday 29 September 2013

Supporters of the National Health Service and all those who want to defend jobs, services and a decent welfare state will be marching in Manchester to deliver a clear message to Conservative Party Conference that we mean to Save Our NHS from cuts and privatisation.

A march and rally have been called by the North West TUC, backed by unions and NHS campaign groups. They’ll be assembling at Liverpool Road (M3 4FP) from 11am, and marching to a rally in Whitworth Park.

The protest will highlight the impact of huge job losses and spending cuts across the health service, as well as the rapid sell-off of the most lucrative parts of the NHS to private healthcare companies – many of whom like Circle are also Conservative Party donors.

The event will also raise concerns about the wider effect that government economic policies are having upon communities across the UK.

Getting there:

Coaches to Manchester are being laid on by groups around the country, with many places subsidised or free. We’ll be listing them here, when we get more details

Get involved:

Sign up to support the march and rally

Join the march and Rally on Facebook

Follow on Twitter at @NHS299

Hat-tip: False Economy

One Comment

  1. Rob the cripple says:

    I hope a few Labour MP’s will be attending although I doubt to many from the front bench will bother.

    sadly these days I cannot do anything like this, my wheelchair has lost it’s wheel and I have been getting no help to get a new one, so have just ordered a second hand one.

    We must save our NHS sadly from the Tories and the Labour party, god know which way Miliband would turn if he got in.

    The little man has already show us his style by crossing a picket line and bragging about it. People who have never had a real job showing the working class they are not working class basically.

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