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Nigel Farage “car crash” interview

Superb. The ruthless dissection of Nigel Farage in under 20 minutes. Respect to James O’Brien. Essential viewing.


  1. Jim Denham says:

    Interviewer O’Brien is superb. About time that the bourgeois media laid into Farage.

    Too much to hope that the anti-EU idiot-“left” of the Morning Star/No2EU will reconsider their reactionary nationalist/racist/anti-working class stance?

  2. Mark1957 says:


    I shall be putting links to this in every forum I visit…

  3. David Ellis says:

    `reconsider their reactionary nationalist/racist/anti-working class stance’ says a Zionist.

  4. David Ellis says:

    Whilst NO2EU is repulsive and the correct labour movement position should be in principle in favour of the EU but for the renegotiation of its founding treaties in accordance with socialist principles such as EU wide living wage and EU wide full employment there should be no doubt in our minds that if the Tories of any of the Westminster parties called and In-Out Referendum socialist would be obliged whilst arguing for a socialist EU to vote for OUT as we cannot possibly vote positively vote IN to the repulsive neo-liberal principles on which it is currently based. Jim Denham’s pro-imperialist sect however would vote IN and give those principles the cover of pseudo left verbiage.

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