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The best general secretary the TUC has ever had

Without question, this is the speech of the best, most progressive general secretary the TUC has ever had.

At the TUC march on Saturday, Frances O’Grady started by saying what a tough year it had been for trade unions, having lost “our brother, Bob Crow, and our teacher, Tony Benn“.

She said how proud she was of all those workers who had been on strike that week.

She belittled the idea of there not being enough money for public services and a living wage at the same time as boardroom greed, tax cuts for the rich and tax dodging.

And she attacked the blame and retribution wreaked on migrants, and UKIP’s role in stirring that up.

Let’s hear it for Frances!


  1. Mike Phipps says:

    Yeah, nice speech. The last sentence was nicked from Owen Jones, but that’s obviously OK.

  2. Pauline Sharp says:

    I was not sure at first however she is a very we ll measured speaker. As a women she does it for me. No bombasity, just calm and strong. Gets straight to the point, Very engaging.

  3. swatantra says:

    Frances is the acceptable face of Trade Unionists.

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