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Brand – Miliband: the interview (video)

The one you’ve been waiting for… Milibrand: The Interview.
In this instalment of ‘The Trews: Politics Week’ Russell Brand meets Labour leader Ed Miliband to talk about the public’s frustration with government and how change can happen.


  1. David Pavett says:

    When a political discussion ends with

    Look, I’ve got this simple idea: Britain can be better … the Tories say “This is as good as it gets”.

    it is a fairly safe assumption that the preceeding exchange was shite. As indeed it was.

    Brand is the very model of an unprepared interviewer who thinks that a generised rant will fit all occasions. Did he try to illustrate his scepticism about Labour by reference to its policies or the lack thereof? Not a bit of it. He showed no awareness of Labour policy and almost certainly hadn’t bothered to inform himself. This allowed Miliband to be equally general ensuring that there was no real confrontation of ideas, no real challenge, just a ranty man and a politician intent on not picking up on the ranty man’s key point.

    I did like the bit about Amazon’s tax avoidance though. It seems that Labour is determined to do something about it (he didn’t say what) just as soon as the rest the world agrees! Brand might have made something of that as an illustration of his basic issue, but he didn’t.

    1. David Pavett says:

      Correction: “generised rant” should have been “generalised rant”.

  2. Robert says:

    Dam good laugh I really enjoyed it, but if this is to make people vote then forget it.

    The issue is we had thirteen years of labour where the Unions got sod all from labour, and now we have Miliband who speaks for the people who are lucky enough to be in work, today when Miliband said this country should not be for the rich, it has to be for the people in work, laugh tears in my eyes.

    I’m sorry if this is the highest these politician are going with Brand god help us all.

    This was bloody useless and to be honest it did nothing for Miliband.

    1. John p Reid says:

      Minimum wage
      New deal unions allowed in GCHQ
      Public sector employees got record pay rises
      Those who lost their pensions in the miners strike after being sacked got them back
      Many co-operatives ,like Nationwide building society voted not to become private or a bank

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