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Labour’s election broadcast – countering the claim that politicians are all the same

If you weren’t one of well over a million people who have watched Labour’s election broadcast featuring actor Martin Freeman explaining why he is choosing Labour, now is your chance. The thrust of the  broadcast, is to present the choice at this election as “a choice between two completely different sets of values, a choice about what kind of country we want to live in“. In passing, it covers important policies and it does, in my view, do a good job of differentiation. Pretty good use of the time available.

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  1. Robert says:

    But he’s an actor he acts for god sake, it’s his trade to make you believe.

    Here you go a simple one for me a Minister speaks not an actor but a real minister for welfare.

    Labour is the party of people in work, labour is not the party of welfare or benefits.

    I was told to go read the whoile article which I did, but the article says labour is not the party of welfare or benefits.

    The issue is a simple one is labour now socialist does it believe in the labour movement .

    Labour is now right wing with a Progress group which has been working in the back ground to gain control while the left was busy doing something else, the right took over the party.

    Miliband is now the weakest leader I’ve seen but he is lucky because he is up against an equality weak Tory leader who seem to both hate welfare.

    What is shocking is that most of the people on the min wage need to have welfare people like me who are deemed severely disabled need welfare.

    But labour and the Tories are now scared as hell to be seen as socialist or left or parties able to see past the rhetoric of scroungers and work shy .

    Miliband Progress party or the Tories the choice is which right of center party you want and the fact is neither.

    Politics is in the gutter and it going to be a long hard climb out.

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