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Tory grandee predicts Corbyn-led Labour win in 2020

corbyn logoThe Huffington Post today reports that Tory grandee Ken Clarke believes Jeremy Corbyn is a “nice guy” who should not be underestimated and could win the next general election if he becomes Labour leader. Jeremy is quoted as saying:

It’s not certain he will lose an election. Michael Foot, who stood on a much more left wing platform in 1983, was miles ahead before the election. If you have another recession or if the Conservative Government becomes very unpopular, he could win. In difficult times the party with the duty of government can become unpopular. He will be difficult to campaign against.”

Ken Clarke who said he was “not as surprised as other people are” about the rise in popularity of Jeremy Corbyn:

Blair is very unpopular in this country, and Jeremy Corbyn fits the bill of being anti-political. He’s regarded as a non-politicians answer to the Westminster establishment. Labour activists are very attracted to him because he sounds and looks like he believes what he says.”



  1. swatantra says:

    That’s KC getting his own back at a Tory Party that dissed him. He’d be rubbing his hands with glee if JC won in 2020.

    1. John P Reid says:
      This idea that if JC is as unpopular as you think he’ll resign

  2. John P Reid says:

    Didn’t Robin Cook beg Anne widecombe to stand saying tongue in cheek shed win a election secretly thinking that it would make the Tories even more unalecable in 2005

    Clarke also Tories shouldn’t underestimate Ed Miliband, but they neednt have worried

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