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Tory grandee bans people saying “Vote Tory”

The Tories may be having a hissy fit over Europe and UKIP, but it comes to something when a Tory grandee bans people from saying “Vote Tory” in comments on their website. But such is the nature of the consternation about UKIP within the Tories, and the triumphalism of the UKIPers, that the debate is hotting up in the right-wing blogosphere. And John Redwood, who is the most prolific and most read blogger amongst Tory MPs, has now announced on his site:

In future if someone writes in saying in terms Vote x party (including Conservative) or vote for Y individual I will not post any part of  that comment. All the main parties have their own websites and propaganda facilities you can use for those purposes.

If someone writes in with a summary or cross reference to a party’s stance on an issue  with nothing new or critical to say about it I will not post that either, unless it is needed as part of the debate because what that party says is under examination. Again, we can all look these up on the relevant websites.”

You’d think that a Tory MP would be forgiven for a bit of one-sidedness. Depending on which side that was, of course.

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